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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Struggling for a gift for little miss fashion?

Searching high and low for a fashion conscious madam can be a pain, especially this time of year. With no idea, no clue, and no indications on what she wants, it’s impossible to find the right style and season.

Instead of hours dipping in and out of shops, why not keep it simple. With Unique Magazine we offer 3000 magazines that are delivered straight to your door. We offer popular fashion magazines to both international and niche publications.

To help you get started, here are some of our popular magazines:


With being one of the most influential women’s titles in print today, this would be a wonderful present. Celebrating fashion, glamour and a passion for life, Cosmo has everything from makeup tips to relationship advice, in-depth celebrity interviews, and the latest straight from the catwalk.

We’re currently offering a 12 month subscription for only £20.99 - So you’ll be saving 54% off your order.

For more info click here


Known as the biggest-selling fashion magazine in the world, Elle has gained a truly global online following that combines meaningful articles and in-depth interviews. Their multi-award-winning team produces some of the hottest celebrity names, beauty tips, fashion advice, and help on a healthy lifestyle.

Our current offer is a 12 month subscription for only £20.99 – So  you’ll be saving 56% on your order.

For more info click here

Harper’s Bazaar

Inspired by former fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, Harper’s Bazaar offers ideas and inspiration on the ‘art of living elegantly’. With the best in fashion, culture, travel and beauty, Harper’s Bazaar is more than your average monthly glossy.

You can save 58% when you buy a 12 month subscription for £20.99!

For more info click here


This magazine features the finest hair and beauty tips, the latest fashion must-haves and reviews of all the latest consumer products for the modern woman. This is ideal for the woman who is after a fun read without being mind-numbingly frivolous, Red offers the right balance between information and entertainment.

You can save 46% on a 12 month subscription for only £25.99!

For more info click here


PORTER brings fashion and beauty that captivates and inspires for each season – while also allowing you to buy those pieces immediately, from anywhere in the world. With the best international photographers, stylists and most beautiful supermodels at their disposal, this magazine explores how women with great personal style achieve it.

We are offering 6 issues of PORTER for £21.00 – So you can save over 30% on a 12 month subscription!

For more info click here


Known as the most iconic magazine is fashion, Vogue sets trends and doesn’t just follow them. Its world-wide reputation is seen from films to documents and even the odd pop song. Offer the finest writing, photos, interviews, reviews and news.

We’re offering a 12 month subscription for only £29.90 – So you can save 38%

For more info click here


Glamour has grown to become one of the best-selling fashion and lifestyle magazines for women. With its pioneering ‘handbag size’ format, readers can enjoy everything from Hollywood news to health tips, real-life stories to competitions, horoscopes and opinion pieces.

Save 33% on a 12 month subscription from only £16.00.

For more info click here

Monday, 20 October 2014

Brand new additions to Unique Magazines - Oct.20

Here are the latest magazines that have been added to our website:

Football Galaxy

Football Galaxy is aimed at 5-10 year old boys, and combines facts and figures from the top teams in the world with intergalactic football characters.

Each issue of this out of this world magazine will be full to the brim of player profiles, the hottest stories and the funniest comic strips, plus awesome free gifts!

For more information click here!

The adventures of Abney & Teal

Each issue contains colouring, stories, puzzle and activities to help with development in numbers, letters, shapes, colours and movement. 

This magazine is focused on helping to develop early years learning.

For more information click here!

We have also four new Puzzle magazines!

Bumper Big Sudoku - For more information click here!
Bumper Top Criss Cross - For more information click here!
Bumper Top Cross Words - For more information click here!
Bumper Just Criss Cross - For more information click here!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Brand new additions to Unique Magazines - Oct.16

Here are the latest magazines that have been added to our website:

The Artist's

The Artist’s Magazine is a monthly visual art publication full of tips on how to improve artistic technique over a diverse selection of styles, subject matter and medium, and also gives glimpses into the life and studios of selected artists themselves.

Dealing with traditional mediums, and primarily aimed at the amateur artist, it also provides a guide to the best products available for your respective medium, and helps you deepen your understanding of how fine art works while remaining practical and unpretentious.

For more information click here


Looklateral is a quarterly magazine which looks at the world of Art with a fresh pair of eyes, and looks at places, people and art. This magazine is fresh art on paper. 

Written in both English and Italian, this magazine is a fabulous fresh look at art, people and places.  Travel the world within it's pages, this magazine is truly a wonder to behold. 

For more information click here


Phoenix magazine is an internationally distributed, independent magazine that represents the beating heart of London’s vibrant fashion and culture scene.

Launched to industry acclaim in June 2010, Phoenix has fast become the publication for Britain’s most creative and thought provoking designers, artists, photographers and writers. Phoenix magazine’s content is cleverly crafted and insightful, factually informative yet entertaining, and unpretentious while aspirational.

For more information click here


Funtimes is a cheerful and lively magazine with pictures, games and colouring to keep the littlest magazine fans busy.

Each issue of this magazine, out 6 times per year, is full of the Characters children know and love, such as Peppa Pig, Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to name a few!

For more information click here

Monday, 13 October 2014

Keep your home stylish and cosy this autumn

Are you looking for the right time to incorporate those earthy tones into your home, then look no further than autumn.  We have put together a list of 5 home magazines, where you can experience this season’s colours.

Elle Decoration – Showcasing some of the world most innovative, ingenious and attractive abodes from across the globe, Elle Decoration would be ideal for the reader who wants to add something slightly different to their own bespoke home. Packed with latest products, reviews, hints and tips, this magazine is crammed with glossy pages full of beautiful homes.

Save 50% when you buy a 12 month subscription for only £24.99 - http://goo.gl/zsrmvk

House Beautiful – Fancy peak at the most glamorous homes from around the globe? Well.. When you read House Beautiful, there are always TONS to admire. This magazine draws on the expertise of internationally renowned designers, architects, landscape designers and heaps of industry experts. This month’s issue features a 24-page expert guide to bedrooms that offers a wide selection of ideas on products, trends and essentials.

Save 44% when you buy a 12 month subscription for only £22.99 - http://goo.gl/V4ouku

Grand Designs – Not only is it one of the most modern home magazines around, but it offers inspirational projects, expert advice and must-see shopping ideas.   It’s an essential read whether you're embarking on a total redesign or simply smartening up your existing rooms. If you buy a subscription today, you will receive a free ticket to Grand Designs Live at London Excel between 4-12 May.

Save over 42% on a 12 month subscription for only £30.00 - http://goo.gl/h6x80h

Good Homes – Looking for this seasons decorating colours and trends? This magazine offers design advice, as well real homes, kitchen and bathroom makeovers, and extension projects, plus crafts, recipes and exclusive reader offers and competitions.  This month’s winter’s edition takes a look around five stunning real homes and teaches you on the  perfect colour scheme.

Save over 28% when you order a 12 months subscription for only £25.99 - http://goo.gl/JQCsyX

Country Living –

Enjoying life away from the big smoke? Or sat day dreaming on the metro about what life could have been? Country Living has a wealth of ideas for your home and garden.  If you’re looking for crafts, cooking or certain rural produce this autumn, this is the only magazine ready to feed those country urges. This month’s issue will inspire you with this season’s hue and teaches you all about how you can cook from foraging.
Save 48% off your bill when you by a 12 month subscription for only £24.99 - http://goo.gl/n2NUOZ

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Brand new additions to Unique Magazines - Oct.9

It's that time of year again, where the mornings are steadily getting darker and the nights are getting colder. Autumn has finally arrived. Scrap all of this terrible weather with turning on the kettle and flicking through a lovely magazine.

Here are the latest magazines that have been added to our website:

Assistant Magazine 

Assistant magazine follows the ups and downs of talented people who are carving out their own career paths in the fashion world. This magazine follows the ups and downs, the whys and how they got to where they are. 

VO+ Magazine

Looking to the future on products, trends and emerging markets? Well VO+ has become a luxury magazine that investigates the challenges in the business sector. Filled with interviews, top people, opinion leaders and updates in both the marketing and retail sector. 

Good Things Magazine

Good things? Good things indeed! If you're after the whole fine dining experience and wanting to travel around the globe searching for something that'll make your mouth water, this is the magazine for you.

This magazine is suitable for everyone interested in dining out, entertaining at home and travel and culture.


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

In Focus: Psychologies Magazine

Magazines would be nothing without readers. And we are always keen to find out what our customers think about the titles we sell.

Last month we assembled a focus group of 50 magazine fans to review and assess one of our popular women’s lifestyle magazines, Psychologies, to find out more.

Our reviewers weren’t all female, though. We put Psychologies to both men and women of all ages, each with different tastes and interests to gain a rounded consumer insight.

If you aren’t familiar with Psychologies already, here’s a little bit more information

Published by Kelsey Media, Psychologies magazine is the women’s lifestyle magazine with a difference. Pitched as being “grown up, intelligent and intimate” it covers self, relationships, family, work, beauty, wellbeing, culture, travel and food from the angle of the life curious woman.

Our Findings

We asked our focus group members a number of questions to get their view on aspects of Psychologies such as price, ratio of adverts, quality of interviews and standard of features.

Of our respondents 72% were women and 28% were men, allowing us to get the view of both the target audience and those who would not usually be considered to be from the magazine's core demographic.

As a monthly publication, Psychologies ticked the box for a large number of our readers - a huge 92% of reviewers enjoy reading monthlies.

Interestingly, a sizeable 80% of our focus group said that prior to reading Psychologies, they considered it to be a magazine they would not usually buy. Having been given the opportunity to review the publication, however, nearly three quarters said that their opinion had been changed.

The Best Bits

Much of the praise heaped on Psychologies magazine came from focus group members who identified the point of difference from other lifestyle magazines. With a focus on improving oneself, the title was perceived to occupy a gap in the market.

One reviewer said, "There were many articles that covered all aspects of life - not just 'mental health'. Some of these articles were really useful - like Natural Reaction and The Mind Experiment."

Other comments described the features as "varied and interesting" while another said that they felt there was "something for everyone".

The interviews with the likes of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Adlington also came in for praise, with the general consensus that the more mature tone and feel made the magazine particularly compelling.


Here are just a few of the testimonials offered by our focus group members.

"I think Psychologies fills a bit of a gap in the market. It is a more mainstream magazine than I would have thought. However, this makes it suitable for the 30-50 female reader, I should think."

“It was more interesting than I expected”

"It has a surprising range of in-depth content. However, it is for a more mature woman."

“Much more mainstream than I had anticipated”

"Good to read a magazine with a slightly different focus - more about the self."

"I normally read a magazine over a few days but I read this in a day. It's very good and would be great to take on holiday and read leisurely."

"It was good to read a new magazine. It had enough fashion/beauty to interest me plus some interesting interviews and articles that were a bit different to the ones I would normally read. I would happily buy it."

"Not my cup of tea but I feel it does a good job of speaking to a more mature audience."

Most popular words used in relation to Psychologies magazine

Monday, 1 September 2014

Born to Ride? Don’t be without these top titles

Whether you’re a biking newbie or Evel Knievel, there’s a biking magazine out there for all. So, don your helmet, buckle up your leathers and step right this way. We have a host of motorcycle mags itching to be saved from the shelves and packed in your panniers.

Here you get everything you expect. Articles on bikes, new and old, some of the most trustworthy reviews on the market, and a bunch of event details so you don’t miss a thing on the motorcycle calendar. 

There is one difference that sets it apart though, and that is its emphasis on racing. Professional racers are profiled and interviewed with each issue, providing a real insight into the racing world. There is also info on race tracks and the best race bikes for speed-obsessives.

Released once every two months, Motorcycle Classics is a little different, as it celebrates the vintage motorcycles and nothing else. The focus is clear here: celebrating the unbeatable aesthetics of vintage models. 

The magazine features useful advice on which models are most suitable for your tastes, with reviews and glossy pictures aplenty. There is also guidance on how to look after and maintain your bike – preserving it in mint condition for longer.

This magazine appears on shelves every month and is one of the most popular and well-trusted mags on the UK market. To celebrate 30 years of The Classic Motorcycle it is undergoing a vintage-look redesign and a number of issues looking back at classic features. 

You really can’t get much more vintage than this magazine for style and content. Some articles and stories date all the way back to 1903!

Released monthly, this magazine has a very specific aim – catering to the mass of people who want to save money and self-respect and carry out maintenance work themselves, as opposed to spending money on garages. 

There is a growing market for the motorcycle fan who wishes to do it all, and really get to grips with the nitty-gritty of bike mechanics. This magazine allows them to do just that, though it does make for a more technical read.

This is an interesting publication aimed at those who live and breathe motorcycling: not just the bikes, but the lifestyle. If you fancy yourself a repressed Hell’s Angel or have tinkered with your motor until it screams bespoke, this is for you. 

Each edition includes interviews with fellow bike fans, maintenance tips and reviews for the motorcycle-obsessed.

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