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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Thinking of inking your own body of work?

Tattoos have never been more popular in the UK. Gone are the days when body art was restricted to convicts and rebellious teens – now tattoos have become much more mainstream in their appeal. From David Beckham to David Dimbleby, Cheryl Cole to Evan Davies, there’s never been a better time to make your mark with needle and ink.

But where to start? With so many designs out there and decisions to be made about where on the body to get inked, it’s no wonder that people become indecisive. After all, a tattoo’s for life, not just for Christmas.

So, without further ado, here are five of our favourite tattoo magazines to help you scout out ideas, tips and advice on all-things body art. Whether you’re an obsessive or just have a burgeoning interest, there’s something for everyone here.

Tattoo Life magazine

Started in the US, this international magazine has now developed a huge following in the UK. Released once every two months, there’s a little bit of everything in here. The main focus though is on getting the right ink for you and retaining the integrity of tattoos.

Tattoo Life also covers conventions, exhibitions and events from around the globe, where tat lovers can congregate and share their love of body art.

Each publication includes a host of design ideas and advice on which artists and studios to choose and how to make all the right decisions before making that long-term commitment. After all, it’s not like a tattoo is going to wash out!

Skin Deep magazine

The aptly named Skin Deep is the UK’s most widely circulated magazine, and the informal, cool tone makes it a real must-have for the genuine tattoo aficionado. Released once a month, the emphasis here is on providing up-to-the-minute news to readers. Every time a new studio opens, this magazine has a review ready, and there is always information on the latest trends or up-coming artists.

There are also calendar updates and reviews and news for all the latest national events and conventions. For the tattoo fan in Britain, this takes some beating.

Tattoo Collection magazine

Tattoo Collection is another monthly magazine for ink lovers. A great buy for tattoo artists thanks to the in-depth images of design ideas and discussions surrounding best practice, it is a well crafted read. 

There is a section for every type of body art in Tattoo Collection. So, whether you are interested in decorating your (or someone else's) skin with animals, flowers, graphics or icons, you will find plenty of quality material within these pages. 

Organisation and layout is the key selling feature here. A more practical read that gets straight to the point, this is ideal for the knowledgeable reader who wants to get straight to the point.

Tattoo Ideas magazine

As the name suggests Tattoo Ideas includes a wealth of designs from professional artists to help readers identify that perfect tattoo. No one wants to get a tattoo they end up hating just a few months or years down the line, which is why Tattoo Ideas is a popular port of call for the thousands of people umming and ahhing about designs.

This monthly publication is also a reliable source of information on the very best tattoo artists in your area, so that you can ensure that the design you choose is the one you end up with - rather than that undesirable blurry mess.

Tattoo Special magazine

A bi-monthly magazine aimed at revealing the best secrets of the world’s finest tattoo artists, Tattoo Special helps to demystify tricks of the trade and make them digestible to the common reader. 

Always designed with an eye-catching cover and filled with stunning imagery on every glossy page, Tattoo Special is worth a flick through, even for the casual tattoo enthusiast. 

This magazine also comes in a handy digital edition, so if you prefer to download to your reading device rather than carry round print copies, it's a great solution for you.

Want a Wheely Good Read?

Being defined as a petrolhead and a motoring enthusiast is a bit like saying that someone is a sports enthusiast - correct in the broadest terms, but lacking in detail. After all, a rugby supporter and a bowls enthusiast are miles apart when it comes to shared experiences on the field of play.

Fortunately for classic car fans there are a number of great reads, that allow you to indulge in your love of vintage marques, search out the rarest and most beautiful models for sale, or even get advice on maintaining vehicles that require that little bit more TLC.

Let us help you polish up on the classic car magazines available at www.uniquemagazines.co.uk.

Classic Car Mart is the ideal magazine for those looking to fill their garage with a vehicle oozing heritage, class and style. For serious buyers regularly on the look-out for a good deal, a Classic Car Mart subscription is a must, with a whole host of beautiful cars for sale included in every issue. 

Though this the magazine is published just once per month, there is more than enough here to keep the classic car devotee hooked. In-depth comparisons of various models are offered every issue to make that big purchase easier.

In the same vein as Classic Car Mart, Classic Motoring magazine is a publication intended to guide lovers of vintage vehicles through the tricky process of making a purchase. It is released in the knowledge that there are so many wonderful cars out there, it is difficult to come to an objective decision when looking to spend your money. 

With handy tips on keeping your classic in mint condition, it is also a helpful title if you are still finding your way in the tricky world of antique motorcars. And with profiles and features on some of the world's biggest classic car shows, Classic Motoring can steer you in the direction of the best places to admire and buy. Not to be missed!

MOG is a relatively new magazine with the simple aim of catering for the fan of Morgan cars. The brand is a British institution, and is a close partner in the publication of the magazine. Under the bonnet of this monthly, you'll find everything from articles on old models to features on the exploits of some of the most enviable Mog owners in the world. 

Whether you’re a self-confessed fan or are simply curious of what the fuss is about, this mag is certainly worth taking for a spin.

Retro Cars magazine

Retro Cars is a little different to the other magazines on this list. Focusing on vintage models from the 50s to 80s and including a run-down of all the features and components of 20th century models, as well as retro car company profiles. 

For those with a specific interest in mid-20th century motors, this is an obvious choice.

Classic Porsche magazine

Well this is self-explanatory. Porsche is one of the most respected and elegant car companies in the world, and this is a magazine which displays the finest models from the Porsche history books in all their glory. 

Do you have a passion for the 906 Carrera? Are you a die-hard 911 fan? Then each glossy page has articles, reviews, little-known facts and lots of stunning photography to keep you up to speed on your passion for Germany's classiest marque.

Image courtesy of Martin Pettitt

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Magazines that can save you money

We’ve heard it all before: it’s time to tighten your belts, it’s the age of austerity, a double-dip recession. No doubt you’ve heard these phrases a lot in recent times. They’ve almost become cliché in fact. It’s true, these are difficult times, and despite a few recent green shoots, the prudent course of action is still to remain cautious and calm with your cash.

With that in mind, knowing how, when and where to spend your hard earned wonga is important, which is why you could do with a fiscal bible to see you through the frugal times.

Whether you are a big-shot banker or a part-time working single mum, we’ve got the magazines for you.

Moneywise magazine

Moneywise is a magazine aimed at offering financial guidance to families. Each month the reader is equipped with practical, no-nonsense advice designed to help them save money. Trustworthy companies and the most reliable financial products are sought out, and listed so you don’t have to do the legwork.

This magazine also sifts through banks with a fine-toothed comb, demystifying interest rates and supplying all the information you need regarding ISA accounts. There is no fancy jargon here. Everything is designed to help the average person save money and make a little more while they’re at it. Simple.

What Investment magazine

What Investment has been knocking around for over twenty years, and has many of the same aims and features as Moneywise, but with a difference. This is less family-orientated and more technical. Still relatively simple for newbie to grasp, this magazine offers advice on everything from bank accounts and ISAs, to credit card fraud and sound investment opportunities.

Reading the magazine each month will help you grow your pension pot, and find new investment opportunities you would never have thought of before. Get this if you want to save money, and feel a little more confident with industry jargon.

FDE magazine subscriptionWhile the two magazines above are intended for personal or household use, Finance Director Europe is aimed at the finance expert. Guidance is offered to men and women with a senior role in finance, looking to save their company money or make giant strides in the market. 

Technical jargon abounds, but it should be clear this is not for the newbie. Released two times per year, FDE is a great point of reference for professionals who need cutting edge industry insight. It has been an authority on financial matters since 1972 and this seems unlikely to change any time soon.

Fortune magazine

Fortune isn’t likely to save you money, but it will stir an interest in global, business affairs. 
fortune magazine subscription

The magazine has reached the same level of cultural significance as TIME or Rolling Stone. First published soon after the crash of 1928, the magazine rose to prominence due to the strength of writing, social insights and high-quality photography. 

These features persist today, and you’re likely to get all the news, trends and information you could possibly need in each release. 

Fortune is published fortnightly and as an extremely readable insight into markets, business, and general news it can’t be beaten.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Five of the Best Music Magazines

It's mid-summer and that means one thing: music festivals. Glastonbury is long gone, but while a million hippies disappear over the horizon, it’s important to remember, we’re only getting started. There’s nothing better than experiencing the great, ever-changeable British weather than with a cold beer and your favourite bands. 

But how to keep tabs on gossip, secret gigs and line-ups? Once your tent’s set up, you’ll want a handy magazine to consult! Thankfully there are music magazines. Lots of them. Publications to suit all whims and tastes. 

So whether you’re an indie kid or a free-jazz boffin, there’s something for you. Here we help you find the best fit.

Rolling Stone magazine subscription

Rolling Stone magazine

RS has been around for yonks, and has produced some of the world’s most famous music journos (Lester Bangs, anyone?). It started out supporting and commenting on music trends, but somewhere on the way it became as much about American culture as rock and pop music. 

Nowadays you’re just as likely to find Tom Cruise on the front as Jack White. It’s the music equivalent of TIME magazine – once an artist makes the cover, you know they’ve made it! Get this for a fine mix of pop culture gossip, music news and in-depth interviews.

NME magazine
NME magazine subscription

America has Rolling Stone, we have NME. In the 70s it was a case of ‘what NME says, goes’, and the magazine single-handedly brought punk to the attention of the wider world. It’s doing the same thing today, supporting new artists and exposing them to the public. 

This used to be an indie magazine, but as time goes on, it’s covered hip-hop, electronica, metal – you name it! When you buy NME, you’re buying into British music history. You’re buying a magazine that dictates trends. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, buy New Musical Express.

vibe magazine subscription

Vibe magazine

This magazine is cutting edge and shines a light on the top producers and artists of today. Started by the legendary Quincy Jones (Jazz musician, Oscar winner and producer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller), Vibe is published every week and recently celebrated 20 years of production. 

While the focus is on contemporary music, this is no flash in the pan magazine; it’s risen to the top of the pile and the front of the shelves after two decades of expert journalism. Grab this if you prefer urban music over standard rock/pop fair

BBC Music magazine
BBC music magazine subscription

Orchestral music is often neglected, but more people love and listen to Beethoven or Debussy than ever before! BBC Music provides your standard reviews and interviews in a classical context, but it also gives away some classical CDs, so if you haven’t tried it before, here is your chance to have a listen and test the water. 

This publication is the world’s biggest selling music magazine of its kind, so they’re clearly doing something right! Buy a copy and see for yourself!

Total Guitar magazine subscription

Total Guitar magazine

There’s one thing listening to music, but how about making some of your own? Loads of people play guitar, so why not learn while also reading music gossip and fine reviews? 

Total Guitar is a well-established guitar tutorial released every month. Inside you’ll find dozens of tabs for songs old and new. You’ll also get a free CD that helps you through each lesson. Take this and an acoustic with you and you’ll have the whole field in sing-along mode!

For EVEN MORE music magazines, search the music magazine section of our website. These are just the beginning, and there really is something to occupy anyone and everyone.

Summer Illustrated: Put comics at the centre of your holiday parenting plans

Jacqueline Wilson magazine subscription
The school holidays are here at last and, if you are a parent, you may well have that conflicted feeling going on inside. On the one hand, you are excited to be spending some quality time with your favourite little people; on the other, you have that gnawing doubt that no matter how many activities, play dates and days out you plan there’s always a chance that the kids will be left at a loose end. And every parent knows, that bored kids are scary kids!

Most of all, parents want to make sure that when the whole family take time off to holiday – home or abroad – that the time can be a fun and relaxing experience for everyone.

Now, call us biased, but we think that magazines are pretty great. For adults they can entertain and inform, advise and guide. But for children, they are even better! Easy to pack, full of the latest information and gossip, games and interactive goodies, toys and trivia, they provide kids with bitesize entertainment boosts just when you want them to be good.

Beano magazine subscriptionWhether it’s by the pool or in the back of the car on a long journey, magazines are fun and child friendly. Yes, an iPad is great and multi-functional device – but do you really want to take yours down to the beach to get trampled on, covered in sand, smeared with sun tan lotion and reflecting the sun's glare into your eyes so that you can't read what's on the screen?

If you want your kids developing their literacy skills and digesting information without even knowing it, there’s no better aid than a comic book. There's a huge range on offer at Unique Magazines, too – whatever the age group, be it boy or girl. 

Take the Beano, for example. This awesome comic has been thrilling children, young and old for decades. In fact, those who read this iconic publication during the twentieth century still subscribe now, with some readers who are now in their eighties. 

Fifi the Flowertots magazine subscription
So, take a tour of Unique's website today and explore titles such as Jacqueline Wilson, The Phoenix and Fifi the Flowertots. We can't promise a summer free of all tears and tantrums, but we can deliver a bit of literary enrichment direct to your door.

Monday, 7 July 2014

5 Under-the-Radar Magazines All Film Lovers Should Read

It's that time of year again when the big budget blockbusters hit the big scree, vying to take the money of eager schoolchildren and their parents.

But not all film lovers are cut from the same cloth. For some, the $200million special effects bonanza of a Michael Bay movie holds no interest. For others, there is an appeal in understanding the creative process than simply watching a movie for guns and gore with popcorn in hand.

Yes, film aficionados come in all shapes and sizes. And fortunately there's a magazine out there for every one of them. Turn your gaze to this selection of cinema publications and we are confident you will find a title more tempting than a ring forged in the fires of Mount Doom.

For the Future Director: Movie Maker Magazine 
Movie Maker subscription

For some film lovers the magic of moving images comes from the science of film-making. If you could talk the hind leg of an animated donkey about aperture, lighting and CGI, you should be getting your fix from a Movie Maker subscription

With sections that discuss the latest updates on cinematography, editing, writing, producing and more, this magazine could be viewed more as a bible for those who want to polish their skills on the art of movie making. 

So Film subscription

For the Movie Eccentric: So Film Magazine  

Love to indulge in the strange and shocking aspects of the film industry that would make others slightly uncomfortable? If your ears perked up at this description then the So Film magazine subscription is perfect for you! Celebrating the unconventional side of film culture, this magazine offers the latest features on the offbeat and unique stories that go on behind the scenes. 

These cheeky articles on behind-the-scene stories and interviews will be sure to bulk up your movie trivia arsenal and have your friends amazed at the oddities of movie culture.

For Big Screen Scholars: Cinema Journal Magazine  
Cinema Journal Subscription

If you love to see the words literature review, methodology and conclusion in your articles then boy do we have the perfect magazine for you. As the official magazine for the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, intellectuals will not be disappointed when they take out a Cinema Journal subscription

Bursting with theoretic and empirically-based pieces, this academic magazine covers the latest on film, culture, media studies and more. Take a break from marking those essays and stimulate your mind with the latest features in the next subscription.

For Sci-Fi Aficionados: Starburst Magazine 

If you want your magazine filled with features on space exploration, comic book superheroes, and building-sized creatures on the rampage, you won’t find a subscription as satisfying as Starburst magazine. As the world’s longest running sci-fi periodical, movie fans will have their fill of the latest information from the sci-fi, horror, and comic book world. 

Be sure to grab a Starburst subscription and read up on what the rest of the year has to offer while you wait in anticipation for upcoming releases such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers two!

For Straight-Shooters: Sight & Sound Magazine 
Sight and Sound Subscription

Without the world's cinematographers, camera crews, lighting teams and audio experts the movie-theatre would not be a particularly exciting place to go. Isn't it great then that there are thousands of people out there who dream of life behind the camera instead of in front of it. If this particular cap fits you, then look no further than a Sight and Sound subscription

Filled with in-depth reviews on the latest films from leading movie critics and film professionals, you will get the most important details on the happenings of the film industry this year. This no-nonsense magazine is the perfect read to keep you informed on flicks to watch and avoid this summer.

Monday, 30 June 2014

The best cookery magazines to get your teeth into this summer

food magazines
If you haven’t had your first barbecue of the season yet, then it can’t be long before you succumb to the smell of al fresco catering coming from the neighbours. But unless you’re a Uruguayan football striker with a penchant for raw Italian shoulder joints you might value a bit of help and guidance in perfecting your barbecue skills this year.

Whether it’s a romantic meal for two shared over hot coals or a World Cup party for a whole squad of family and friends, there are plenty of cookery magazines out there to aid your efforts. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Healthy Food Guide magazine
healthy food guide subscription

Who said that barbecues had to be stodgy and calorific? Healthy Food Guide is in its element at this time of year, finding nutritious yet low fat solutions for your outdoor eating. 

From kebabs to cous cous there is something to tickle the appetite of everyone here. Proving that cutting calories doesn’t need to mean sacrificing flavours, a summer with a Healthy Food Guide subscription proves that you can lighten the load around the waist and work on your tan at the same time.

olive subscription

Olive magazine

With features including hottest barbecue recipes and modern summer classics, there’s more than enough tasty dish ideas in Olive magazine to keep you going from June till October. Each month features not only great solutions for dinner parties of all sizes, but is sensitive to the size of your purse strings as well. Take out an Olive subscription and it will be the neighbours peering over the fence to see what you are cooking up – rather than the other way round.

Vegetarian Living magazine
Vegetarian Living subscription

It’s a myth that the barbecue is purely a place for meat products. Carnivores will always point to that crispy yet succulent flavour and the smoky aroma that makes mouths water, but if you are a cast-iron vegesaurus there are a multitude of barbecue solutions for you, too. 

Flick through the pages of Vegetarian Living magazine and you will find helpful articles on “Alfresco Feasts” and “The Taste of Summer” featuring everything from halloumi kebabs to homemade veggie burgers.


Food and Wine subscription Food and Wine magazine

Do you prefer to go a bit more gourmet when you cook? Like to use only the finest cuts? Prefer to make presentation a priority? Then a Food and Wine subscription is the one for you this summer. 

With guidance on infusing your fodder with the richest, deepest flavours and suggestions on getting your side salads zinging, this is the cheffy cook’s monthly bible. But beware, the mouth-watering photography in this beautiful publication will have you salivating like a German Shepherd Dog. 

Image courtesy of Elena Chochkova
by Tim

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