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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The next gear in cricket

The wait is over, the results are in, and AOC can now reveal the very best gear in the cricketing stratosphere. 60 boxes, 130 bats, seven staffers, a big white van, four internationals and one very handy ringer – but it was worth it to bring you the most definitive kit audit ever.

Once you've got your breath back, go and read Andy Afford's dispatch from the Bumble-controlled region of northern Manchester. Aff gets out alive, fearless reporter that he is, but not before an almighty scare. It’s brilliant stuff.

If you've still got the energy after that, we've got an exclusive with England's Test player-elect Eoin Morgan, and a pearler of an interview with Gary Lineker, the sort of man who tells an anecdote about scoring a century for the MCC and a hat-trick for Spurs on the same day as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

From Lineker to the ineffable Mark Nicholas. Has he ever met Sobers? Pah! Who hasn't he met! Look no further for stories about Judi, Nelson, Claudia, Tiger, Maggie, and of course Sir Garry. Which was nice...

Elsewhere, in amongst our review of the World Cup’s group stages (with help from Jimmy A’s diary), we reveal the finest blue plaques in Pudsey, send Ed and Sam to batmaking school, collar Marcus Trescothick in a London skate park, allow Geraint Jones to get misty-eyed about that catch, and nominate the 10 greatest tied matches in history. All so you don’t have to.

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