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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Transformers Comic issue 3.1

Transformers Comic issue 3.1 is on sale now! The awesome new issue has a “TRANFORMERS: Dark of the Moon” inspired look, new characters, new stories and all-new movie adventures! It’s guaranteed to blast Transformers fans out of the solar system!

As TRANSFORMERS prepare for their third, and final, cinematic outing – this time in stunning 3D – the official Transformers comic is packed with cosmically cool posters, puzzles, games and features! Get the low-down on Sentinel Prime the mysterious bearded Autobot and get into Shockwave’s head as the menace of “TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon” talks to Transformers Comic! Then read the new and exclusive Transformers Comic story ‘The Fight for Fiesole’ as Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are forced to defend themselves from a Decepticon attack in an exclusive adventure that takes place before the film. Plus there are galactic competitions to win the “TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon” video game and TRANSFORMERS action figures!

Issue 3.1 has two great gifts to choose from – pick either a fantastic TRANSFORMERS action figure or a TRANSFORMERS launching gun with every issue!

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