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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BBC History magazine

The 5th November is by modern standards, an odd kind of day.  It is the day that people all over England celebrate Guy Fawkes and his foiled plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.  Strange that an act of terrorism could turn the 5th November into what is an all-round fun day for the family considering poor St George doesn’t even warrant a bank holiday but then history is littered with interesting events that barely even get a mention in the classroom, never mind a full commemorative fireworks display.

It’s the long and celebrated history of Great Britain which is just one of the many excellent reasons to expand your knowledge and subscribe to a history title and BBC History Magazine is certainly one of the most popular. 

BBC’s History Magazine is a monthly title aimed at giving history-lovers access to a range of informative, interesting features on topics from across history.  The magazine gives a range of historical topics the full BBC treatment with considered features offering new research, views and angles on major events and notable figures throughout history.  The magazine aims to inform readers as well as offer new points of interest to keep material fresh and accessible. 

Although seemingly out of place in a history magazine, there are also news pages covering recent developments or findings in key historical events.  For instance, the November 2012 issue announces new evidence has been found in relation to what might have caused the death of Richard III. 

Notable articles in the November 2012 issue also include a look at the Cuban Missile Crisis from the point of view of the Kennedy’s, examining their decision-making and conduct during one of the most tense and pivotal points of the cold war in the 1960’s.  There is also an in-depth article on Admiral Nelson, looking into his past and his achievements to uncover a different side to one of Britain’s most famous and celebrated naval commanders.  Interestingly, BBC History magazine is supported by a selection of podcasts to help supplement the content in the magazine – with the Nelson feature being just one of the articles singled out for the podcast treatment this month.

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