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Thursday, 18 October 2012

US Vogue

US Vogue is part of an exclusive club, one of the few titles that transcends the normal boundaries of publishing and remains one of the few truly international magazines.  It is one of Unique Magazines most popular international titles and is still revered the world over as the first and last word on fashion.  Whereas the book and subsequent film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ may have laid bare some of the uncomfortable truths on the power struggles that can go on behind the scenes to create an international fashion magazine, the result still never fails to catch the attention of any avid fashion-lover.

It is hard to name any other magazine who can get away with the first 160 pages of the September issue being made up solely of advertising?  But then this is what makes US Vogue such a novelty in the publishing world in that readers actively purchase it for the adverts as much as the editorial and fashion spreads.  In fact, the advertising is often as breathtaking as the carefully constructed photoshoots for which US Vogue is known.  Shot by some of the worlds most celebrated photographers the advertising in US Vogue is never a page to flip over but the best way to get insight into fashionable looks, brand names and fantasise about spending your entire years salary on one bag. 

But editorial is still a key part of US Vogue and the famed September issue had a number of notable highlights, a searingly honest interview with Chelsea Clinton and fashion icon Lady Gaga (who also graced the cover) and the Vogue 120 – an outline of the stylish talents who are bringing fashion to life across, music, TV and film under the age of 45.  It’s safe to say that to be in the list is to be given the worldwide Vogue stamp of approval. 

Whilst the editorial is important, it still plays second fiddle to the fashion and US Vogue has some of the best creative brains in the business producing photo spreads which go beyond the normal realms of fashion photography to create artistic, beautiful and most of all inventive ways of presenting clothing, accessories and ‘looks’ direct from the runway.  To the fashion lover, famed fashion editors such as Grace Coddington produce works of art and the September Issue was no exception with a romanticised view of Edwardian trends in the style of Edith Wharton.  From early 20th century style to futuristic interpretations of current trends, the Space Odyssey photo spread with Versace, Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen was also classic Vogue. 

Unique has seen requests for US vogue rise by 100% in the past two years indicating that interest in this magazine shows no signs of fading and its status as the world’s most influential fashion bible is secured. 

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