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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Martha Stewart Living - Halloween Special

A Bit of Hocus Pocus at Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart appears to have managed a bit of a spooky magic trick for this Halloween.  So good is the Halloween Handbook special for Martha Stewart Living that it nearly caused the Unique Magazines  office to go completely overboard with scissors, glue and a sewing machine and turn the place into a haunted house spectacular complete with shrunken heads made out of potatoes and gravestones made from polystyrene.

Martha Stewart might be best known to UK audiences as the doyenne of US cookery writers but she is also the Oprah Winfrey of the home and lifestyle market.  She is the head of a multi-million pound corporation responsible for creating generations of domestic goddesses (and gods).  Part of that corporation is the production of Martha Stewart Living, a real gem of a magazine which although American in origin has plenty to captivate UK readers.

Halloween has exploded in recent years, going from a quaint tradition of dressing up in ghoulish outfits to a major commercial enterprise in large part due to the influence of the American view of Halloween.  Of course in America it is national fancy dress day and a shredded bin liner and paper witches hat just wouldn’t cut it for celebrating All Hallows Eve. 

As anyone knows, finding a decent Halloween costume can be a costly nightmare but Martha Stewart Living has 26 pages devoted to the creation of homemade Halloween costumes, from a sorceress to baby spider costume and even terrifying mummy.  The magazine gives a full run down of what you need to create each look, along with a step-by-step guide to creating each fancy dress costume.  The individual looks are original, interesting and couldn’t look further from home made so no chance of you wandering into a costume party in the same scream mask as 20 other people. 

However, the homemade fancy dress tips are just the start in this handy tome for busy families.  There is also a full guide to turning your home from cosy to terrifying with just some vegetables, black card and some white sheets.  There is excellent advice for the home, such as how to make fennel and cauliflower look like preserved body parts or carved potatoes resemble shrunken heads to really get into the spooky spirit with a haunted house ready for children’s parties or grown up soirees. 

There is also a range of recipes as you would expect from Martha Stewart such as witches fingers and mummy cupcakes but this magazine is an essential for anyone looking for fun and practical ideas to turn any occasion into a special affair.  It is certainly easy to see how Martha Stewart developed her reputation in the US and her own brand of American home style is without a doubt very much relevant to UK audiences.

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