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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Third party agencies add value.

So third party agencies can’t sell?  If we were to believe the argument put across in a recent article on www.subscriptionsstrategy.co.uk then we may as well just send our team home and start the Christmas festivities early. 

But before deciding to crack open the giant tin of chocolates and settle down for a Christmas movie marathon, let’s take a moment to see what online subscriptions agencies like Unique Magazines can offer the marketplace. 

Customers are able to choose from a massive range of titles – not just the popular titles that you see gracing the shelves of any high street newsagent – but specialist titles, quirky offerings, something just a little bit different.  Pick a subject, any subject, and there will be a magazine out there to appeal to the interested enthusiast on the Unique magazines website – www.uniquemagazines.co.uk
When searching for a title the obvious route is to go direct to the publishing house and set up a subscription but how do you know which one produces which magazine?  Sometimes publications on very niche subjects aren’t easy available in the UK and hours can be wasted trying to get hold of a copy only to come away empty handed, and to very frustrated.  Even if the magazine is available, is the subscription deal the best package on offer, particularly when purchasing multiple copies?  Probably not.

Online agencies offer consumers greater choice, convenience and value for money – a massive online store dedicated to finding the right title with a far wider choice of publications. And often more attractive subscription packages make it simple and straightforward to get a regular copy of popular titles.

Agencies like Unique magazines also occupy a niche part of the market as ‘search’ specialists.  Able to find any title, anywhere in the world no matter how obscure – a service many of our customers use day in day out to find the right titles without wasting their own time scouring the internet and calling newsagents in Berlin, Moscow or Sydney. 

It’s not just the consumer who wins.  Publishers benefit from their titles receiving huge exposure against their rivals and access to a wider customer base that they may not be tapping into themselves.  Add to that the interest generated by agencies through marketing campaigns and their ability to generate higher subscription levels and it is a win-win choice for publishers.

Unique works with a range of business and organisations, such as schools and libraries who manage a number of individual subscriptions from different publishing houses.  Managing all those individual subscriptions can easily become an administrative and costly nightmare.  But by choosing an agency, account managers can take over the ordering system, managing cost and wastage to ensure budgets are being maximised and publications ready and waiting on time.  

Seen in this light, perhaps it’s a bit early for the team to let their hair down and start the festivities. Unique magazines print subscription levels have increased by 30% in the last year so online agencies most definitely can sell and are the future for many time-poor consumers, businesses and organisations looking to access publications quickly and cost-efficiently.

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