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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Decorative Magazine Subscription Choice

One of the ways to illustrate just how influential Elle Decoration is in design circle is to relate a conversation overhead between a designer and his client just a few weeks ago.  The designer, eager for some direction to make sure he delivered the right final look and feel, asked his client what style the final article in question should be designed in and promptly reeled off a number of well-known designer names as well as popular styles such as minimalist, retro, contemporary.  The response from his client?  “Just like Elle Decoration.”

When a design bible becomes a style in itself it is safe to say that, like Vogue in the fashion world, it no longer just reports on breakthroughs in the design world.  Elle Decoration is rich with news and ideas about how to create a truly unique and individual home, lavishing almost half of its pages on glossy photoshoots showcasing interiors from homes the world over.  In the January issue, an inspired Italian conversion featuring stark black and white rooms tempered by recycled wood furniture is contrasted with six pages dedicated to a sleek, minimalist Copenhagen apartment.  There is plenty to light the fire of inspiration. 

Elle Decoration might have high-end credentials in the design world but it is still accessible to the everyday reader who possesses only just a passing interest in design.  It isn’t, however, the kind of magazine where you will find hints and tips to create a cosy family home on a shoestring.  Elle Decoration is about cutting-edge style and trawls the world to find groundbreaking examples of sensational properties that pushes boundaries.  Cost is secondary to the quality of the overall ‘look’. 

In the January issue, the winter colour palette of muted tones, whites, greys and distressed, natural wood infiltrate every page with a stark reminder of just how innovative design can be when at its most minimalist.  Fluffy Christmas jumpers and bargain basement sofas this isn’t but then Elle Deco knows its reader and is writing for a design-savvy and hip generation to whom mass-market design and flat-pack furniture is a dirty word. 

Where else might you find a listing for a console unit which can hold up to 6 house plants for the tidy sum of £2,400?

As well as its usual selection of new products, pieces and finds from throughout the world of interior design, Elle Decoration also has the Hot List which details a range of fabulous things to read, see and do.  Featuring cool cafes, books, gifts and art, the Hot List is a roundup of culture and design  - a new Iranian-inspired restaurant covered in the January issue is a particular highlight.

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