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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Get Crafting in 2013

New year.  New You.  Or so the hundreds of adverts, emails and catalogues tell us throughout January but it would seem that thousands of magazine readers decide to make the New Year the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby.  

The most popular magazine subscriptions in January according to Unique Magazines are craft and hobby related as eager people up and down the country form their New Year resolutions to take up or learn a new skill.  With so many hobbies to choose from across the world of arts and crafts, we have decided to take a look at a selection of the top hobby magazine subscriptions throughout January.  

First up, Knit Now.  Knitting can be one of the most relaxing but difficult hobbies to master requiring patience, skill and lots of time.  As a hobby, knitting has had somewhat of a resurgence of late as it shakes off its old fashioned image with a new generation admitting to taking out their knitting needles to create something practical and fun.   Knit Now is by no means a magazine solely for a beginner but it has everything you could need to get inspiration for new pieces as well as brush up on your more general knitting skills.  

Knit Now surveys the market to find the best finds from across the industry, including new patterns, yarns and inspiring books to help keep any avid knitter motivated.  The events tend to be related to training sessions being held across the UK which handily complement the Know How section aimed at improving skills with different techniques featuring a handy step by step diagram guide.    The book suggestions are wonderfully diverse, from clothing for children to fun knitted toys and offer a real cross section of ideas to make the most of knitting as a skill.  

Knit Now is very much focused on what is happening in the fashion world too, taking colours of the season to showcase various available yarns with supplier details (the magazine has a full stockist list).  The magazine also takes knitwear trends from the catwalk or at home and offers helpful hints and tips about how to recreate various looks on your own.  The different pattern ideas always have  a star rating for difficulty along with specifications for the required yarn and time it should take to recreate.  Issue 15 has an excellent selection of babywear patterns as well as chunky rugs, belts, socks and hats and even toys and homewares.  

Trendy and knitting might not necessarily be two words which sit regularly alongside each other but as one of the most skilled and useful crafts you can take the time to learn, Knit Now is an excellent magazine subscription for people looking to take up the hobby or even get back up to speed with new patterns and ideas to light their creative spark.  

Knit Now is available from Unique Magazines as a monthly subscription priced at £20.00, please click here for further information

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