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Top 10 Women’s Magazines purchased as Gifts

Welcome to our blog post on the Top 10 women’s magazines purchased as a gift.  We took our sales information for the last 2 years, and looked at the top selling magazines, and then we looked at the number of those magazines purchased as a gift.

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Why did we do this?

If you are like me and struggle to think of great gift ideas, then this article may help you.  I always start out my gift buying with grand plans of finding something different or unique, or very personal to the recipient.  I normally fail and end up buying socks for a man, or perfume for a woman.

I like buying magazine subscriptions as gifts, as it is different.  For a relatively small budget, you can purchase a gift which continues to be delivered monthly or weekly for up to a year.  That’s a regular reminder for the recipient of the lovely gift you purchased for them.  Whenever I suggest to family and friends the idea of buying a magazine subscription as a gift, I am met most times with the same response “Oh yeah, that’s a really good idea, I’ve never thought of that before”.

So with this article, I am aiming to get some information out there to give you some great gift ideas for a mum’s birthday, mother’s day, Christmas or any other gift giving opportunity.

So let’s start our top 10, starting with number 10 and working up to the number 1 women’s magazine purchased as a gift.

10) Women’s Health Magazine (42% purchases as a gift)

Woman's Health Magazine
Women’s Health magazine is a good all-rounder.  It is written in a friendly, familiar style, like having a chat with a good friend.  It covers the topics you would expect, food, exercise and fashion, love and life.

The magazine is actually a spin off from the successful American magazine.  It would make a fantastic gift purchase for any woman who like to eat well, stay fit, and keep up to date with the latest fashions.

We found that 42% of all Women's Health subscriptions purchased with Unique Magazines were gift purchases.

9) Zest Magazine (45% purchases as a gift)

Zest Magazine
Zest magazine is specifically for women who are very focussed on health and exercise.  She has a passionate interest in diet and nutrition.  Zest focuses in greater detail on work out plans, diets, focussing on getting the correct nutritional intake to support a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan.

Zest would make an ideal gift for the woman who attends the gym several times a week and eats healthily.  We currently offer subscriptions for 3 months, 1 year or 2 years.  The incentive of a 2 year subscription is a 61% saving.  But you will find that this lady is dedicated to her health and wellbeing, so a 2 year subscription will not be wasted.

We found that 45% of all subscriptions to Zest through Unique Magazines were purchased as a gift.  Based on the volume of sales, Zest is our 8th most popular magazine, but ranks 9th as a gift purchase.

8) Easy Living magazine (58% purchases as a gift)

Easy Living Magazine
Easy Living magazine is another all-rounder magazine, similar to Women’s Health, but with a greater focus on the woman aged 30-50 years.  It covers topics such as fashion, reviews of books, DVDs and films, beauty tips, health lifestyle tips, food and recipes, home style and travel.

You can imagine the recipient of this magazine sitting back with a refreshing cuppa and spending a couple of hours relaxing and flicking through the glossy pages picking up top tips to share with friends and family.

We found that 57% of subscriptions purchased for Easy Living through Unique Magazines were purchased as a gift.

7) Vogue Magazine (64% purchases as a gift)

Vogue Magazine
If you were asked to name a women’s fashion magazine, chances are Vogue Magazine would be at the top of your list.  It is considered the bible for latest fashion.

Who is this magazine aimed at?  You will know a woman like this, bang up to date with all the latest fashion trends.  She loves to recreate the catwalk looks from the fashion capitals of the world in her local high street stores.  If you are stuck for gift ideas and are thinking about a handbag or a nice accessory, but aren’t sure about her taste, then buy her a 1 year subscription to Vogue and give her endless fashion ideas.

We found that 64% of Vogue subscriptions purchased with Unique Magazines were gifts.

6) Red Magazine (70% purchases as a gift)

Red Magazine
Red magazine is a really chunky magazine classed as a lifestyle magazine.   In it you will find fashion tips, interviews with famous and influential women about the issues within their lives.  It also has sections dedicated to shopping, book reviews, holiday planning ideas and more.

Red magazine won the Consumer Magazines of the Year in 2012, which goes some way to showing the quality of this magazine.  It’s packed with stunning photography.

Again this is an all-rounder magazine, so would not be out of place on the coffee table of the woman who likes a good natter with friends over a cup of tea.  Red magazine is packed with the sort of information which is fodder for a good chin wag.

We found that 70% of Red Magazine subscriptions purchased through Unique Magazines we purchased as a gift. 

5) Hello Magazine (73% purchases as a gift)

Hello Magazine
Up until now all the magazines in our top 10 women’s magazines purchased as a gift have been monthly magazines.  Hello magazine is a weekly magazine, ideal for the woman with maybe a little more free time on her hands, or who likes a more regular dose of celebrity news.

Hello magazine is a celebrity news magazine, containing all the up to date stories about who is doing what with whom.

As a weekly magazine we currently offer a 6 month and 12 month subscription.  That’s 26 issues over 6 months, or 51 issues over the full year.  How about that for a gift, a fresh dose of celebrity news every week, direct to the door.

We found that 73% of subscriptions for Hello Magazine through Unique Magazines were gift purchases.

4) Prima Magazine (75% of purchases as a gift)

Prima Magazine
Prima magazine is aimed at “the grown up woman”, i.e. those who get little stimulation from the 20 something gossip magazines.

It contains great home decoration tips, easy food ideas for the busy working mum, money saving tips and ideas, and tips for basically getting the most out of life.  Rather than celebrity gossip articles, the magazine contains stories of substance.

We found that 75% of all Prima magazine subscriptions purchased with Unique Magazines were purchased as gifts.

3) Take a Break (81% of purchases as a gift)

Take a Break Magazine
Take a Break magazine is another weekly magazine, and it is the biggest weekly magazine in the UK.  It is packed with real life stories, competitions and prizes.  It is known though as “The Real Life Mag”, with stories written to shock, inspire and entertain.

The magazine is designed to be bite size, and can be read for a few minutes at a time during a tea break, or a longer stint perhaps read in a relaxing bubble bath.

Take a Break isn’t a glossy magazine, and the quality of the paper makes it almost a throw away magazine.  The publisher of Take a Break does not offer a subscription, so this is where our Unique in house distribution team come in.  We have created a subscription package, meaning we can deliver Take a Break direct to  your gift recipients door the same day it goes on sale in the shops.  That’s a fast, reliable and convenient service.

We found that 81% of all Take A Break subscriptions purchased with Unique Magazines were purchased as a gift

2) Peoples Friend Magazine (81% of purchases as a gift)

The Peoples Friend Magazine
This magazine harks back to a simpler time, and is aimed at the older lady.  Many of our customers have described reading Peoples Friend as a warm and cosy experience, and they refer to the magazine as “a friend”.

Each issue contains short stories, poems, and nostalgic memories of times gone by.  There are also practical tips and projects including knitting, gardening, cookery and more.  The Peoples Friend might be traditionally labelled an older persons magazine, however there are a lot of younger people who are interested in gardening and cooking, and some of the crafts associated with your granny such as sewing, knitting and crochet are seeing a resurgence.

If we had to sum up The Peoples Friend, we would say it’s a rather less shocking Take a Break, with content targeting the older generation.

We found that 81% of The Peoples Friend subscriptions purchased with Unique Magazines were purchased as gifts.

1) Glamour Magazine (87% of purchases as a gift)

Glamour Magazine
And here it is, our Number 1 women’s magazine purchased as a gift.  It’s Glamour magazine, a monthly glossy fashion and lifestyle magazine.  As the name suggests, Glamour has a huge focus on fashion, hair and beauty, with tons of information on celebrity gossip.

In Glamour you can find out what your favourite celebrity is wearing, who they are dating, and what her secrets are.

Glamour magazine, which was founded in 1939 in the USA before being launched in the UK in 2000, is one of the best-selling fashion magazines for women.  Within the pioneering ‘handbag size’ format of Glamour magazine’s pages you will find the best of celebrity style tips, advice and fashion guidance. Other topics featured in the magazine include health, romance and relationships, as well as horoscopes. Glamour magazine also conducts regular polls and contests for the reader to get involved in.

We found that 87% of all Glamour magazine subscriptions purchased at Unique Magazines were purchased as a gift.

So there you have it, our run down of the top 10 most popular women’s magazines purchased as a gift.  We would love to hear your thoughts, so drop is a line in the comments below.

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