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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Top 5 Gardening Magazines

Well it’s that time of year when I start to think about dusting off the lawn mower, trimming the hedges and sprucing up the borders. It’s been a bit chilly lately to really get stuck in, but there is time at least to get some tips from some great gardening magazines.

Gardening has so many benefits, whether it be for therapeutic purposes, getting you out in the fresh air, or producing your own food to help slash the bills or a healthier choice, or maybe even to spend some quality time with your kids or grandkids.

With that in mind, I thought it time to do a rundown of the top 5 gardening magazines.  This list is based on volume of sales and popularity through the Unique Magazines website.

5. Amateur Gardening

Amateur Gardening magazine is over 125 years old, having been first published in 1884.  It is a magazine with real pedigree, having hosted articles from writers such as Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock, Monty Don (of BBC Gardeners World), Bob Flowerdew, Anne Swithinbank (who now writes for Grow It!), Percy Thrower and more.

Amateur Gardening is also Britain’s best selling weekly gardening magazine, and it even boasts it’s own successful annual consumer show called “The National Amateur Gardening Show (NAGS)”. 
The magazine is packed with useful hints and tips on how to create a beautiful garden, with advice on maintenance and lots of inspiration. Each issue features a Q&A and the latest gardening news. 

Amateur Gardening is an extremely practical magazine, with great step by step tutorials and guides with stunningly clear photography. The magazine is designed to be taken out to the greenhouse or potting shed to accompany you on your gardening projects, and act as a reference material for your gardening projects.

As a weekly magazine prices at £1.99 per issue, you can save yourself over 20% by subscribing for 1 year.  This works out at only £1.56 per issue.  We also carry single issues in stock, so treat us like your local newsagent and bag a copy today. 

4. Garden Answers

Garden Answers magazine carries the strap line “Hands on Help for Gardeners” and I hate to say it, but it does exactly what it says on the tin (cover).

The magazine has a greater focus on plants and flowers, but does also carry articles on growing fruit and veg in your garden.  It does this through hands on help and step by step guides which detail various topics such as getting started with a green house, turning your garden into a wildlife haven and simple solutions to the top 10 gardening problems.

Regular features include the likes of the Garden Health check, helping you get the most out of your garden as the seasons change.

3. Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden magazine focuses on smaller allotments and plots. The magazine contains great step by step articles suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros. Articles cover how to grow both vegetables and fruits, with focuses on growing in pots, troughs and containers.

There is seasonal articles and tips which show you what you should be doing in your kitchen garden at the current time of year. Advice on dealing with pests, mites and aphids is also covered.

There is the obligatory readers’ letters section, with your questions answered by the magazine experts. 
A unique aspect of this magazine is that each issue also carries recipes which give you tips on how to cook the produce you have grown in your kitchen garden.  These recipes may give you a steer on what you might like to grow in your kitchen garden.

2. BBC Gardeners World

Well, this wouldn’t be a very good list of gardening magazines without Gardeners World magazine.
Gardeners World magazine accompanies the BBC television series of the same name. The magazine covers a multitude of topics, from bed planting to setting up a kitchen garden and running your own allotment. It is becoming more common these days that people use their garden to supplement their grocery shop, and so magazines like Gardeners World carry in depth articles on topics such as those in the current April 2013 issue like “Enjoy More Strawberries – plant now for 6 months of fruit” or a great article on using guttering to setup a space saving salad planter.

We have found the Gardeners World magazine to be a firm favourite with customers, consistently in the top 5 selling magazines in the last 3 years.

1. Grow It!

Grow It! Magazine has seen a massive surge in sales over the past 2 years. It is a magazine totally focussed on advice and articles about growing your own produce, vegetables, fruits etc. The magazine is aimed at people who run anything from a small kitchen garden right up to a large allotment or smallholding. 

Regular features in the magazine include the Growers Diary, the agony aunt column Ask Anne with Anne Swithinbank, Your Say featuring readers letters with tips, and a step by step guide on planting the seeds which come with each magazine issue.

The magazine also features great articles on how to get kids involved in growing their own food. This is a great way to spend time with young children, doing something fun and enjoyable whilst learning at the same time.

Why not take a look at our free sample of Grow It! Magazine to see if it is a magazine you would be interested in.

So there you have it….

Whether you are looking for a gardening magazine to help you create a perfectly manicured floral spectacular, or you want to develop a productive kitchen garden there is a magazine here that can help you.

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