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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

June 2013 Newsletter

We have just published our June 2013 Newsletter, which you can read below, or you can view on this link.  Unique Magazines June 2013 Newsletter.

Welcome to another great edition of the Unique Magazines monthly newsletter.  In this special
Fathers Day newsletter we have a round up of some fantastic deals, free gift promotions and other offers which may be of interest as a fathers day gift:
  • Try our gift finder to find a Father's Day gift for a Father or Grandfather
  • Exclusive 22% Saving on Best of British magazine, Britain's most popular nostalgia magazine
  • Subscribe to Bloomberg Businessweek for only £12 for 12 Issues
  • Get a FREE copy of Money Observer when you subscribe to Moneywise Magazine, from only £1
  • FREE Access to Digital Edition of GQ and Wired magazines
  • Have some Dad time with The Phoenix Comic
  • Pick a puzzle or two with our huge range of crossword, wordsearch, sudoku and other puzzle magazines
  • Enjoy a Summer of Sport with our top sport magazines
  • Also find out about the great benefits of being a Unique Magazines customer, a £40 wine voucher, and 20% of your greeting cards.

We have taken a huge selection of our male orientated magazines and categorised them in our gift finder. So take a look to find something for the Arty man, The Gadget Lover, The Sporty Man or The Business Man.

Gift Vouchers
If you aren't sure what to buy for Father's Day, you can always purchase one of our Gift Vouchers. 
You can select any value you choose, from £5 up to £200 and the voucher can be redeemed against any of the magazines on our site (excluding Direct Debit offers). 
We have a range of card designs to choose from, as well as email vouchers available.

Britain's favourite Nostalgia and Heritage magazine

Best of British is a great magazine which takes a nostalgic look back at what makes Britain great.  Looking at all aspects of life from the 1930 through to modern day, packed with stories and pictures of a bygone age.  If you know someone who gets a kick out of nostalgia and heritage, then a subscription to Best Of British is an ideal gift. Also note that the 22% saving offer is an exclusive Fathers Day promotion, and won't be available for long.

Bloomberg Businessweek, only £12 for 12 Issues

Businessweek magazine, renamed Bloomberg Businessweek in 2009 has been reporting on the business world since the stock market crash of 2009.  A subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek will keep you up to date on a weekly basis on the 'who', and the ‘what’ is important in the world of trade, industry or commerce anywhere in the world.

Free Money Observer worth £4.95 when you subscribe to Moneywise magazine

If your dad is someone who likes to be well informed about where he invests his money, then a subscription to Moneywise magazine is a banker! And this Fathers Day you can get a copy of Money Observer magazine absolutely free as an added bonus. Just subscribe before Fathers Day to Moneywise, and you will receive the free copy of Money Observer worth £4.95.

FREE Access to Digital Editions of Wired and GQ for him, or Vogue, Glamour and Vanity Fair for her

This month Conde Nast, the publishers of Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Wired and Vanity Fair are offering this fantastic deal of FREE digital access when you subscribe to any of these magazines.
The digital access allows you to read the magazines on your iPad or Kindle Fire (Vogue magazine is only available on the iPad).  Once you subscribe, you will receive instructions on how to access your digital edition.
What makes this offer even more attractive is that a subscription to Vogue and Vanity Fair is only £5 for 3 months, even better though GQ, Wired and Glamour are only £1 for 3 Issues.
GQ and Wired would make an ideal Fathers Day gift.

A bit of Dad Time, with The Phoenix Comic

"Children will love The Phoenix magazine - and Mums and Dads will doubtless want to sneak a peek too." Dame Jacqueline Wilson.
Something you might not know about Unique Magazines is that we work with a lot of schools and libraries, supplying magazines to be used in education.  Magazines and Comics are great at engaging young readers, and even the most stubborn readers can be won over by a well written comic strip.
The Phoenix magazine is a great weekly story comic, packed with stories, facts and puzzles, and is great for a bit of Mum and Dad time.

More great educational Magazines and Comics

There are dozens of magazines which are written intentionally to engage young readers, and help develop their literacy skills. Here is a small sample of those to whet your appetite, and take a look on our website for more.

The Beano
12 Issues for £17
Save 29%
3 Issues for £10
Save 22%
National Geographic Kids
6 issues for £15
Save 24%
Horrible Histories
6 issues for £24.99
£2.99 for a Single Copy

Here's a Puzzler!

Everyone loves a puzzle, whether it be a crossword, a wordsearch, sudoku or a Kriss Kross. We have almost 150 different puzzles magazines available on our website, with difficulty levels to suit all.
With Fathers Day just around the corner, what could be a better gift than a years supply of fresh puzzling material, delivered direct to the door?  Here's a small selection of what we have to offer, but for all puzzle magazines visit our puzzle magazines category now.
Colossus Crosswords
12 Issues for £26
Save 8%
Select Sudoku
13 Issues for £29.25
Lucky Seven Wordsearch
13 issues for £28.30
Puzzler Number-Fit
6 issues for £18.99
£1.95 for a Single Copy

It's time for the new Summer of Sport

The London Olympics of 2012 was to leave with us a legacy of sport.  With this in mind we took a look at the top selling summer sport magazines to give you some ideas on which sport magazines to subscribe to this year.
Take a look at our latest blog post to find out what are the Top Summer of Sport magazines.
Athletics Weekly
3 Months for £20
Save 35%
Match of the Day
6 Months for £35.50
Save 31%
Women & Golf
13 issues for £28.30
Save 19%
Rugby World
6 months for £17.99
Save 30%

Update on our Online Newsagency

We are continuing with our mission to create the largest online magazine newsagent, and this month we have added over 100 new magazines to our site, and we now have over 1000 different magazines in stock right now.
Our aim is to have over 2000 different magazines in stock at any one time.  All of our single magazines sold through our Online Newsagency service are sold at the cover price, plus a postage and packaging cost which is currently £1.20 to the UK, £2 for Europe and £2.56 for anywhere else in the world.
So why not take a look around and sample some of the fantastic specialist and international magazines we have to offer.
Sport Rider
5 Issues for £23.49
Man of the World
2 Issues for £42.49
6 issues for £33.99
Italian Magazine
Cigar Snob
3 issues for £21.49

Your Opinion Counts

We work hard to provide the best possible service we can.  We know we don't always get it right, so we look to you to tell us where we have done something wrong, so that we can act and improve. If you have something to tell us, you can do so on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you would just like to drop by and tell us we did something great, please feel free to do so.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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