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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Top Gear Magazine Challenge (2013)

If you pop down to your local Garden Center with a shopping list for a ride on lawn mower which can achieve 130mph and do 0-60 in 4 seconds you will be disappointed.

However, this is exactly the feat that Top Gear Magazine has set for Honda, and it looks like they have pulled it off.

Honda Engineers are currently racing to build the world’s fastest lawnmower, with a deadline of the 17th June to hit.

They are aiming to build a machine which will top 130mph, which would beat the current world records of 96.5mph.

The challenge was to build the fast machine, whilst maintaining the look and function of a lawnmower.  Yes, that’s right; it still needs to be able to cut grass.
Honda have achieved this by taking one of it’s standard mowers and replacing the engine with one normally found in a motorcycle.  They then replaced the steering rack to improve control, lowered it and added wheels and tyres from a quadbike.  Due to the speed of the machine, the engineers have had to come up with an alternative for the metal blades which do the job of cutting the grass.  They have done this by adding 2 electric motors with lengths of brake cable attached to act as the cutter.

Top Gear Magazine has released a video which shows the monster machine spitting fire which you can see here.

Imagine rolling this out on a quiet Sunday morning to mow the lawn!

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