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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trump The Monster-in-Law..

Good Housekeeping magazine subscription
Three things are guaranteed to happen when a woman visits their hairdresser in the run up to Christmas:

1) The sound of Mariah Carey warbling down the airwaves
2) A Quality Street with your Nescafe, and
3) The topic of conversation will always come around to
the mother-in-law of Christmas present. 

But let’s face it, a girl is always going to be on the back foot when she prepares to spend a Christmas with she-who-can-do-no-wrong.  Knowing looks when your roasties don’t crisp up properly, peering over your shoulder when you lay the table, hastening to stir the gravy when your back’s turned – we’ve all suffered the scrutiny, well-meaning or otherwise. 

Now, it’s time to fight back!   

Put that time under the heat of the hairdryer to good use and flick though the pages of our four carefully selected magazines and you’ll be stood in good stead when you finally come face to face with the old battle axe dear.

Woman & Home
If you want to wow with your table setting and decorations, a look at Woman & Home is a must.  Helping women make the most of their homes for over 80 years, many consider a Woman & Home subscription their monthly bible reading.  Packed with beautiful home ideas, if you want to upstage the mother-in-law with a tastefully arranged table centrepiece or a striking colour scheme, Woman & Home will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Good Housekeeping
When it comes to creating your superior Christmas feast, look no further than a Good Housekeeping subscription.  Providing readers with the secrets behind a juicy turkey, lump-free gravy and deserts worthy of the Great British Bake Off, you can thank Good Housekeeping when compliments to the chef come flooding your way.

So you have the a ambiance set, the food under control . . . what’s left? Conversation! Make sure you have up-to-the minute details of what’s going on in the world of celebrity and current affairs with a Grazia subscription. 
Providing you with a weekly round-up of everything smart, forward thinking women could need, you can always pull something out of the bag from Grazia when it comes to providing insightful banter over a glass of bubbly.

And if all else fails, invest in a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription - guaranteed to give you the tools to make your partner forget all about your shortcomings in the domestic goddess department.

And there you have it. All the weapons a good woman needs in her armoury to slay an old dragon . . . or put her in her place, at least.

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