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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Getting Busy Behind Closed Curtains

Knitting subscription

The clocks have been turned back, the long dark evenings are here and people are closing the curtains to get busy . . . with home-based hobbies. Here are our top tips on the best pastimes to partake in, and a few of the best titles to help you get to grips them.

Setting up camp on the sofa and sticking the box on with a bottle of red isn’t the only way you can take advantage of the change in seasons. A few years ago we saw a surge in the popularity of knitting as Geri Halliwell showed off her needlework on the set of Sex and the City. And then at the height of the recession there were reports of soaring wool sales as people looked to take up cheaper pastimes. 

If the images of friends’ creations on Facebook are anything to go by, this is a trend that is set to run and run.  So if you don’t know your slip knots from your purls and you’d like to cast on, sign up for a Knitting magazine subscription today – the UK’s original and best magazine devoted to this popular craft.  With Knitting magazine you’ll be able to create stylish, fashionable clothes and home accessories in no time.

The Great British Bake Off has rekindled the nation’s interest in baking so what better way to spend a cosy weekend in than creating delicious cakes and puddings?  If you’ve yet to appreciate the art of folding in flour, fear not!  An Olive magazine subscription is just what you should order.  Providing readers with inspirational recipes for the last ten years, each issue shows you how to create mouth-watering desserts - perfect timing with Christmas around the corner.

Even though it is tempting to let your legs resemble Wolverine’s and a grey pallor kick in over the winter months, don’t!  Invest in a Cosmopolitan subscription and try out their monthly beauty recommendations.  Also advising you on how to make your face glow by getting busy in the bedroom, there’s another reason to welcome in the long nights!

Finally, with the resurgence of all things vintage, create a cute candle out of a teacup or learn about the latest trend in up-cycling by purchasing a Make and Craft subscription.  Each issue utilises a wide range of crafts, skills and the latest tools and techniques to keep you happily crafting behind your curtains.

So don’t let the dark evenings make you SAD, just pick a magazine and you’ll be laughing!

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