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Friday, 22 November 2013

We all love Doctor Who?

Let's face it: being hundreds of years old, travelling through time and carrying a sonic screwdriver around is pretty damn cool. But would you really want to be the intergalactic alien?

Here are 5 reasons why being The Doctor isn't all it's cracked up to be:

1. Have you ever tried to spring clean a TARDIS?
We all like the idea of deceptively small exterior paired with an infinite space on the interior. But is a TARDIS really all that practical as a living space? Could you imagine getting a quote from a cleaning company, for instance. Better off getting one that doesn't charge by the hour for dusting down all that machinery?

2. Two hearts means never hanging up your sonic screwdriver
Yes, it's very convenient having a back-up engine. But on the flip side, declaring a secondary aortic pump on that private pension form would ensure your retirement age would be set at roughly 1000 years.

3. Regeneration is a risky business
Just think about it: one minute you're a quirky kind of handsome with David Tennant or Matt Smith gazing back at you in the mirror; the next you've got Peter Capaldi glaring at you with the kind of menace and terrifying potty mouth that would have the Daleks squirming in their sleep.

4. Relationships never last?
However much you might say that you aren't wired that way, that you can't settle down and have kids with a human being, it's clear that The Doctor could really do with a girlfriend. After all, he'd never continue to make so many fashion faux pas with the guidance of a good woman behind him.

5. No such thing as a good night's sleep
Whether it's Cybermen, Daleks or the Master, The Doctor has always managed to rub people up the wrong way. We're not saying it's his fault, but with so many baddies floating around the galaxy waiting to batter down the TARDIS door at a moment's notice we can't help but think there are more relaxing occupations out there.

But, of course, none of this stops us from being avid fans of The Doctor's work. If you're a fan of the series and just can't get enough of Doctor Who now that it's reached it's 50th year, why not subscribe to the series' accompanying Doctor Who magazine so you never have to be without the Time Lord by your side.

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