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Monday, 9 December 2013

5 presents for kids

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There's nothing that warms the cockles of the heart more than a smile on a child's face. And it's even more special when it is thanks to something you've done. But let's face it, buying for the modern kid is getting harder. How do you get them something that's special and entertain them for months on end.

The answer: a magazine subscription that lands on their lap every month with fresh entertainment so that no cobwebs can gather.

There are lots of toys, trends and fashions that come and go. Fads that kids grow in and out of - but a magazine subscription grows with them. Worried about toys or games that rot the brain and have no educational value - why not improve your favourite little nipper's literacy, knowledge, confidence in reading and concentration. Research has shown that magazines are great for reluctant readers and can make all the difference between a child who becomes a reader for life and one that will lose confidence and struggle. 

If you're interested in a stocking filler that ticks all the boxes, here are some of our top tips on magazine subscriptions that keep giving all year round.

The One For the Hyperactive
It's been running for decades and it's still got a special place in the hearts of adults and kids alike. Not even rationing and the Second World War was enough to stop The Beano. Follow Dennis and friends on their crazy but carefully crafted adventures - and be reassured that a valuable lesson is always learnt at the end of the day.

The One For The Book Lover
Who said that books and magazines couldn't go hand in hand. The stars of the former Children's Laureate's best-selling books feature in every issue to delight children aged 7-12. For reluctant readers, this is the perfect introduction to Wilson's world. For avid readers it fills the hole between one novel and the next.

The One For the Sports Lover
It's an overused cliche to say that something is "packed" with information and entertainment. But Match truly bursts at the seams, with more for a young soccer fan to indulge in than they could wish for. Footy fans may struggle to find the attention for books and homework, but thousands of young boys and girls pore over Match every month - improving literacy as a byproduct of finding out about their favourite sports stars.

One for the Animal Lover
Strictly speaking this famous magazine isn't a children's publication at all - but for the competent young reader it is as rewarding as it is for their parents. Beautiful photography, fascinating facts and insightful articles help children to round off their education and get a flavour for type of education you can access outside of the classroom.

One for the Gamer
Yes, gaming has its critics from an educational perspective, but whatever gets them reading, right? Gamesmaster is another title not entirely published for children, but this only makes it cooler for pre-teens and teens to get their hands on publications that won't talk down to them.

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