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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Win over Little Miss Hard to Please..

Gifts for teen girls that will be well-received can seem impossible to find. If you’re no stranger to the curled up top lip, heavy sighs and rolling eyes of the teenage girl, it’s hard to know what will put a smile on their face come Christmas.

Never fear, at Unique Magazines our army of helpful little elves (all responsibly sourced, we hasten to add) have been busy creating a solution for your troublesome teenager.  Use the online Gift Finder today to identify what magazine subscription they will rejoice in receiving this Christmas.  Just click on ‘Teen Girl’ then choose what interests them most to find a range of fantastic magazines that they will enjoy reading throughout 2014.

For the Fashion Conscious Madam
So, if your daughter or niece is never happier than when she’s clothes shopping a Teen Vogue subscription could be just the ticket.  For those feisty teenagers who are into fashion and love to try each and every latest trend, Teen Vogue will show them the path. From clothes to shoes to jewellery and accessories and so much more, Teen Vogue is the first choice for every budding fashionista.

For the Teen with an Ear to the Ground
Have a teen who’s constantly glued to her phone and often heard saying ‘you’ll never guess what…’? Then it’s a safe bet she enjoys learning about the latest celebrity gossip.  As the UK’s top celebrity magazine, a Closer subscription combines all the good, the bad and the real.  With in-depth features and interviews that can rock your happy boat, Closer brings you much closer to real life as it is lived in the world of glamour.

For the Music Maniac
Is your younger cousin all about the latest music? Never seen without her ipod?  If so, an NME subscription is your go-to gift so she can stay tuned into the world of popular music. Home to the biggest names, the bright new stars and the best, most insightful articles about the industry from around the globe, NME is the first choice for any young lady with music in her soul.

With Unique Magazines, the choice is simple – choose the perfect magazine subscription for your Little Miss Hard to Please and watch her face light up this Christmas. And for more helpful suggestions, why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook?

by Tim

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