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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Gift Ideas for the Tricky Teenage Boy

Teenage boys are a tricky breed.  If the only response you’ve been met with when asking what they want for Christmas is, “a PS4”, try not to despair. Simply check out the "Teen Boy" section of our Gift Finder tool and you'll be directed to some of the very best magazines in genres guaranteed to get even the most insular Kevins and Perrys jumping for joy and grinning in gratitude.

For the Sports Fan
If you have a teen in your household who is always "off to the match" or looking at the latest scores on his phone, a Match of the Day subscription might be just the ticket to making his Christmas.  Each issue will bring you everything you would ever need to know about the most important matches around the English Premiere League and the world.  It also offers exclusive interviews and in-depth articles that cover every aspect that went into the players’ performance and match outcomes.

For the Gamers
If the phrase “I’ll just finish this game” sounds familiar coming from your son, and a headset has become part of his anatomy, it’s a fair assumption he’s a gaming fan.  A gamesTM subscription will be sure to drag his attention away from the screen long enough to flash you a smile before busying himself with what’s new in the world of gaming.  Highly respected within the industry by both publishers and development studios alike, gamesTM has proved itself as one of the most esteemed and trusted magazines in the field.  Offering trustworthy previews, news and reviews for every gaming format, gamesTM is the industry’s leading games magazine.

For the Budding Petrol-head
Not a gamer or a sporty type? Perhaps your nephew needs nothing more than the latest Audi model to get revved up.  In which case, a BBC Top Gear subscription is the ultimate read for every car enthusiast. Partner to the popular BBC television programme, BBC Top Gear magazine offers commentary from the show’s hosts, comprehensive new car reviews, test drive features and news from across the motoring world.

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