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Friday, 31 January 2014

5 Perfect Valentine's Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, filling most men with that familiar sensation in the pit of their stomach.  Romance?  Or pure dread?
Making that special gesture to show the woman in your life exactly how you feel about her is a minefield. But if we can give you one tip, gentlemen, it would be that ladies love magazines - and the appreciate them even more when they don't have to go out and buy them for themselves every month.   

Finding the perfect read for your girl can be tricky, though, and there are many pitfalls along the way. For example:

NEVER buy a girlfriend who hates cooking a subscription to the latest culinary publication - unless you like the warm tingle of a slap on your cheek. 

AVOID purchasing that new housekeeping title for a wife whom you've already told needs to clean up her act around the home - therein lies the fast track to divorce.

DON'T under any circumstances opt for an annual subscription to a magazine because you want to read it more than she does. A Rugby World subscription for the lady who can't stand the oval ball game will go down like the proverbial lead balloon.  

However, choose wisely and your partner will see just how in tune you are with her passions and interests.   

For the Fashion Loving Femme-Fatal
If the lady in your life knows her Dior from her D&G and has a wardrobe stuffed with Louboutin,  Blahnik and Ferragamo, there’s only one choice of magazine to suit.  Vogue is renowned for attracting  the biggest names in the world and capturing them on camera in stunning fashion-led stories.  It is a springboard for new talent in the fashion and design industries and features the best of the global catwalks each season.  A Vogue subscription gives the light of your life access to the most iconic fashion bible every month and is sure to provide her with style ideas and inspiration. In the immortal words of Madonna -  ‘Come on, Vogue!’

For the Film Buff
A Screen International subscription should hit the mark if your woman is a dedicated movie enthusiast.  A network of journalists across the globe offers the latest and best film news to readers.  Although you’ll find plenty of features dedicated to  the stars of today and tomorrow, reviews and festival round-ups, it's the insightful off-camera and behind-the-scenes features that sets this publication apart. 

For the Music-Mad Miss
Choosing a music magazine is a great way to show your other half that you care - but don't think that music titles are a one-size-fits-all job. Committed clubbers will appreciate a subscription to MixMag, while those more at home in the mosh-pit may prefer Rock Sound.  For the UK’s biggest selling music mag offering the biggest exclusives and interviews, choose a Q Magazine subscription.   Recent cover stars have included everyone from Mick Jagger through Robbie Williams and the Arctic Monkeys, all the way across the music spectrum to Daft Punk.

For the Gossip Girl
There’s nowt so queer as folk. Or so they say, and, if your girl gets her kicks from hearing other people’s incredible real life stories, she’ll adore a Take a Break subscription.  A weekly helping of this very readable mag will guarantee her a fix of health and beauty stories, competitions and features with attention grabbing headlines such as ‘I can’t get married with THIS face!’ and, ‘Accused of stealing our own nan!’  Think, The Jeremy Kyle Show in print.

For the 21st Century Woman

The gift of a Wired subscription will show the cultured and intelligent woman in your life that you understand she’s much, much more than just a pretty face.  Inside, she’ll find a powerful and potent combination of news, culture, politics, business and technology articles, steering her through the latest developments of the 21st century.  This is one magazine designed to inform, educated and stimulate the mind.

For all these and more, head to www.uniquemagazines.co.uk and find the perfect match for the beautiful belle in your life. 

by Tim

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