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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Are you the OK or Hello type?

If you’re looking for a weekly hit of up-to-the-minute celebrity news and gossip then you’ll definitely be considering a subscription to one of two weekly ‘big-hitters’.  Hello and OK! Magazines have been gracing our newsstands since 1998 and 1993 respectively, and are quite simply industry giants.  

OK! Is the best-selling magazine of its kind in the UK and currently boasts 30 million readers world-wide, while, in the 25 years since its UK launch, Hello has established itself as a publishing phenomenon, reaching over 1.3 million adults in the UK every week. 

In fact, although these two rival publications occupy the same market and share many editorial and design elements, their subtle differences can polarise loyal readers like Conservative and Labour, Jolie and Aniston, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

So, two equally successful, rival publications. Both recognisable by their glossy covers, impactful coverlines, bright red and white logos and superb, celebrity-focussed interviews and photo-features.  The question for you, dear reader, is . . . which is the perfect fit for you?

You’ll be OK with ‘OK!’ if…

OK subscription
You’re a fierce fashionista – although Hello also has style pages, OK! boasts a new ‘Fashionista’ section featuring beautifully shot fashion stories, celebrity must-haves and top buys. The magazine champions the high street and often features interviews with celebs launching new fashion lines.

You like a dose of Reality – TV that is.  Hello too, features interviews with personalities from Reality shows, but usually when they’re more established.  For up to the minute chats with your favourite Reality stars across the board, you’ll need OK! Despite the sheer number of shows airing at any given time, OK! always manages to secure interviews with the biggest and newest stars, giving them pages of exposure in which to ‘spill the beans’. 

You follow the Twitterati – If you love Twitter but find the sheer pace of it combined with your own hectic life, means you often miss tweets from your fave stars, then pick up OK!  You’ll adore the TWEET ELITE section which is weekly round-up of celeb updates and photos from various social media.

You want more from your mag – Yes it’s great to see what the stars are up to, but we do have our own lives to lead.  Besides celeb features, OK!’s lifestyle section is much more far-reaching than that of its rival Hello.  You’ll find travel, food, beauty, shopping and a regular ‘Celeb Hotspot’ review, to give you ideas for wining and dining out.  

You like a nod to nostalgia – OK! runs a very interesting retrospective section every week, featuring news stories from a given  month and year.  It’s great to look back at everything from Kerry Katona’s drugs scandal to  interviews with Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus (remember her?) They also showcase an OK! idol in each issue, such as Twiggy or Kate Moss, and publish photos from their archives and a timeline of their journey to stardom.

Say Hello to ‘Hello’ if…
You’re a committed Royal spotter - Of course magazines across the world, OK! included, adore and constantly feature the young British Royals, but if you’re interested in more than Kate’s latest outfit and Harry’s latest holiday, you’ll want to read Hello.  

The magazine is known for its royal coverage and here you can get to grips with the royal diaries and read up on the engagements and activities of everyone from Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles to the more minor British and European Royals. 

You want exclusive accessive to the elite – and when we say exclusive, we mean exclusive.  Over the years Hello has offered readers first look at some of the biggest stories in showbusiness, including the first pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children, first access to Sandra Bullock’s adopted son and Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes. 

Of course OK! also secures exclusive interviews on a regular basis, but for access to the Hollywood old school, major world figures such as Barack and Michelle Obama and fabulous photo-features offering glimpses inside some of the most stunning showbiz residences, Hello is your title.

You like an international element – Hello’s Spanish counterpart Ola! was established in the 1940s and the two editions remain intrinsically linked, which is perhaps why the magazine continues to have a more international outlook than OK!  It currently boasts the accolade of ‘International Magazine of the Year’ and European Royals and foreign dignitaries are frequently featured. 

You want world news in brief – Unlike its rival, even in a ‘slow’ news week, Hello always has one finger firmly on the global pulse with its comprehensive, weekly round-up of top news stories.  Expect a mix of jaw-dropping images from around the world paired with heartbreaking and uplifting stories.

You’re into High Society  – There’s more than a whiff of Downton days gone by about the Diary Pages in Hello.  These showcase the energetic and exciting comings and goings in London Society. Beautiful girls with unpronounceable triple-barrelled names jostle for space on the page with European Royals, Right Honorables and other VIPs all enjoying exclusive events in Private Members Clubs, galleries and showrooms.  For most it’s a fascinating window into another world.

So there you have it. All you need to know to make a decision. But will it be an OK! subscription or a Hello! subscription for you?

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