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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stacks of Fun for the Family this Easter

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The Easter holidays are upon us. It's time for rest, relaxation and children hyped up on sugary chocolate eggs. 

Keeping the family entertained for two weeks can be tricky - the weather's unreliable at this time of year and the costs of activity-packed days out quickly mount up. Fortunately there’s a magazine out there for kids of any age - and even a few for Mum and Dad too. Take a look at some of the titles we consider to be the best family magazine subscriptions this holiday.

Preschool magazines
CBeebies Art Subscription

With stickers, stencils, crayons and adhesive googly eyes, every CBeebies Art magazine, featuring the talents of the channel’s bubbly Mister Maker, is the perfect cross-over pre-school publication. Simple, step-by-step, craft projects mean girls and boys can get making without expensive supplies and with minimal mess and fuss.  

For girls aged 2–5 try a Peppa Pig subscription.  Peppa and her gang of alliterate animals continue to be a pre-school phenomenon and each issue contains sticker scenes, activities and cover mounted figures which give this title added play value.  

For boys of the same age, keep the fun coming with a subscription to Thomas and Friends. He’ll love the stickers, colouring and spotting activities all based around the gang of steam engines and there are free character toys to add to his train set.

Primary School magazines

If you have boys aged 5–11, chances are the talk around the breakfast table veers from Match Attax trading cards to last night’s episode of Match of the Day, which means a subscription to Strike It! magazine makes perfect sense.  Inside the pages he’ll find epic posters of his footballing heroes, with which to decorate his bedroom walls and limited edition trading cards for the Fifa World cup, plus player profiles, crazy snaps, facts and stats.  

Go Girl Subscription
Girls of primary school age love to be busy and a Go Girl subscription will keep them creating and crafting long after the Easter Bunny has hopped off to his warren to put his paws up.  Fabulous activities she’ll love include make-its like door hangers, scrapbooking and movie star bunting.  There are recipes, tons of puzzles and competitions, plus fun cover mounted gifts such as stationery, all alongside safe tween star gossip to keep her amused for days – or a few hours at the very least!

Secondary School magazines

There is a vast difference between tweens, teens and strapping sixth-formers. But all can be tricky, so prove to your grunting, hormonal secondary schooler you love them and know what makes them tick, with a subscription to their favourite magazine.  
Heat Subscription

Give girls a regular celebrity gossip fix with Bliss magazine (tweens and early teens) or Heat magazine (mid-late teens).  Both titles are packed with the comings and goings of the glitterati, but the stories featured are age appropriate.  Where cover stars for Bliss include the likes of Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Little Mix discussing fashion and friendships, in Heat you’ll find everyone from the Kardashians to Katy Perry spilling the beans on their love lives to their weight battles. No holds barred!

For secondary school boys think sport, music or gaming.  Again, there are age-appropriate titles available for all themes.  For music enthusiasts you’ll find Top of the Pops at the very young end of the spectrum and MixMag, NME magazine and Kerrang magazine at the older end.

… and for frazzled grown-ups

Top Gear Subscription
After days crawling around soft play centres, doing endless craft activities, relinquishing control of the TV remote, wrestling with wet swim-wear and being Bank-of-Dad and Mum’s Minicabs, you too deserve a treat.  A subscription to your preferred magazine will ensure you can grab a few minutes of quiet reading time within the chaos or in the evening with whatever suits your reading tastes - be it a Top Gear subscription or Take a Break subscription.  

Simply type the title in to the search box, use the handy gift-finder tool, or finally, check out the archives of this blog for even more ideas to help you make the holidays a breeze.

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