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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Day of the Comic

Beano magazine subscription
What comes to mind when you think of comics? Fun, irreverence, mischief . . . education? Perhaps not. But in actual fact comics are booming right now and never before have they had so much support from the educational establishment.

From enduring and well-loved titles such as The Beano to new, exciting publications like the Jacqueline Wilson magazine, there are a raft of magazines out there that have all the ingredients needed to turn a reluctant reader into an avid bookworm - or should that be "comicworm". If you want to get your young one working on their literacy skills without overfacing them with full-size novels or dry, dusty textbooks, here's our guide to some of the best in the business.
 Little Princesses (Pre-school girls)

The allure of Disney coupled with the enchanting idea of a little girl who suddenly becomes a princess when her mother marries a king. It’s a marriage made in heaven. and a sure-fire hit for little girls.

Building on the success of the TV series of the same name Sofia the First magazine is a pre-school title aimed at girls aged 3 – 6 years. All content, from the sparkling new stories and perfectly-pitched puzzles, to the branded cover mounted gifts is specifically chosen to help reinforce learning in the early years and to deal with developmental stages from sharing with siblings to trying your best. A Sofia the First subscription is not just a great way to entertain a child, it's also a title they'll crave as a treat.
For Bump-prone & Ticklish Tots (Pre-school boys & girls)

A cross-over title which cleverly speaks to both girls and boys is a rare gem, and Mr Men and Little MissMagazine is exactly that. In fact, such wide-reaching appeal is part of what has made this such an iconic brand. Fans of Mr Tickle, Mr Bump, Mr Topsy Turvy, Little Miss Sunshine and friends will love the chance to read more of their exploits in the brand new stories contained in each issue. There are also puzzles, posters and branded gifts, all featuring traditional illustrations and based around Roger Hargreaves fun and colourful world.

Pauline Cooke, Publisher of Immediate Media Co’s Pre-school titles, said:

“We have had lots of fun producing this fantastic magazine with such an iconic brand. A great addition to our robust pre-school portfolio, we know each beautifully designed issue will delight both children and parents with its interactive content and irreverent humour.”

For Growing Girls (Girls 7 – 12)

When your 9 year old girl is already texting and snapping and What’s Apping, it can be hard to find a story-teller with sufficient power to break the technology spell. Step forward Jacqueline Wilson, former British Children’s Laureate and queen of tween fiction.
Strong characters such as Hetty Feather, Ruby and Pearl and Tracy Beaker make for memorable reading experiences and common themes of friendships and sibling rivalry are often coupled with controversial issues such as the care system, loss and illness. JacquelineWilson Magazine presents the lighter side of the author’s work, all with signature illustrations by Nick Sharratt and combines stories with craft and writing projects such as making and writing your own journal, are designed to motivate and inspire readers to tap into their creative juices.

For Lego-Mad Lads (Boys 7 – 11)

Lego is another brand which continues to excite and in recent years clever partnerships with huge franchises such as Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean have seen its appeal soar.
Lego Legends of Chima is a new magazine based on the iconic toy and its new theme Chima, a fantasy domain inhabited by warring animal tribes. Young readers will fall head-first into the world, lured by the striking imagery and eye-popping design, coupled with stunning interiors, packed with comic strips and puzzles. Few things help parents to build on their popularity with kids than a Lego Legends of Chima subscription.

For Family Fun (Boys & Girls 6 – 12)
A traditional style comic you can enjoy with your children, or pass round for family enjoyment, choose The SimpsonsComic. The hilarious capers of the canary-coloured and vaguely dysfunctional Simpson family have been delighting audiences of all ages laugh since the mid 1980s. Now fans can check in on Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie on a regular basis with this monthly publication. TV episodes from the extensive archive are translated into action-packed comic-strips and readers will also find behind-the-scene info and fun-facts to amuse and inform.

Not found the perfect comic for your young reader? There are many more comics subscriptions to be found on the Unique website.

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