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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Football Crazy or Football Mad

The wait is almost over. One month, Thirty-two teams, 3.2 billion viewers and one golden trophy at stake. Over the next fortnight, players and coaching staff will be putting together their final preparations for the greatest show on Earth as the 2014 World Cup gets under way.

But how are you getting your mind, body and soul in shape for that all-important opener? Luckily for you we have been playing with our formations to come up with the perfect list of world class magazines you'll love reading if you know anything about the beautiful game.

But don't worry, if there's someone in your house who may threaten to red card your aspirations in June and July, we've got a super sub capable to come off the bench and keep them occupied while you enjoy yourself.

So, here we go . . .

The all-round performer - World Soccer magazine

If you want your magazine to be like a marauding Stevie G, leaving no blade of grass untouched in the search for excellence and end product, you won't find much better than a World Soccer subscription.

Attracting legions of fans since it first kicked off in the 80s, World Soccer is one of the planet's most widely read monthly football magazines. Though it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as its high class rivals, World Soccer magazine gets the job done. With more features and analysis than the most ardent fan could dream of, expert features, match reports, player interviews and stats from around the globe, it should easily make your magazine dream team.

The cultured maestro - Green Soccer Journal magazine

As artfully crafted as one of Zinedine Zidane's cross-field balls, Green Soccer Journal is a beautiful little magazine that prides itself on an independent, intelligent approach. This is the thinking man’s football magazine. New editions are published biannually so, in World Cup year, this could prove a nice collector’s item.

There are tons of features with a Green Soccer Journal subscription, such as analysis and comment, interviews with international superstars (Lukas Podolski was interviewed for the latest release). There are also and plenty of stats for the number crunchers. 

But where Green Soccer Journal scores highly is in its design, focusing on the finest photography by the best snappers in the business. The beautiful game has never looked so . . . well, beautiful.

The hot prospect – Kick magazine

Alan Hansen once said that you couldn't win anything with kids. Well, he was proved wrong and England's faithful are keeping their fingers crossed that messrs Barkley and co. will prove it again. 

For every new kid on the international block, there are thousands of children in the playground pretending to be them, and it is for these future starlets that we've included Kick magazine.

A monthly Kick subscription is fantastic classroom currency and if you ever wanted to encourage a sports-mad kid to read then this would be the title to do it. Aimed at boys and girls, this promotes reading for 6-12 year olds specifically but is comprehensive enough for the curious adult as well. 

Having recently celebrated its 100th issue, we can see this one easily getting another century of caps over the next decade. Kids will love this, and you won’t be able to resist its fresh approach either.

The bench warmer - Radio Times magazine

Back in the 90’s Graeme Souness took a call from the great Pele. He had a player for him that would fit right into his Southampton first team - a man named Ali Deia. It transpired the call was a fake but the result was a baffling cameo from a player who wasn’t just an amateur, but who didn’t seem to know the rules either. 

If you have a similarly perplexed family member or friend at home who couldn't be less interested in 22 men kicking a ball, then perhaps offering them some alternative viewing pleasure in the next room will keep them sweet. Buy them a Radio Times subscription today and they are sure to find something to take their fancy in those info packed pages.

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