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Friday, 16 May 2014

What women really want

Sigmund Freud famously asked just that, but he at least was honest about the fact that could not provide a satisfactory answer.

Ask a man what floats his lady’s boat and the responses are likely to vary wildly:

“Kids and a comfortable home?”

“World domination and a villa on the Amalfi Coast?”

“Alone-time with a family-sized bar of chocolate, a case of Merlot and a box-set of Bradley Cooper films?”

In truth the female of the species is far too complex to label as all the same. And women’s tastes are, of course, varied and plentiful. Which is why a one-size-fits all approach to reading material is never an option – something we learnt very early on in life at Unique Magazines.

But hurrah! There is in fact a solution – and it lies in the pages of your favourite magazine. Whether you’re a wannabe fashionista, a muic aficionado or a sports lover, we’ve got you covered. Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

Want to be classy? There’s a magazine for that

Often thought of as the preserve of prospective Mary Poppinses, scouring small ads for their next nannying position, The Lady magazine is in fact an award-winning weekly title with superb content and a growing readership.

A subscription to The Lady means a regular fix of current affairs commentary, celebrity interviews, reviews and fashion. Cover Stars are always a cut above and include the likes of baking guru Mary Berry to His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales.

Want to be well informed? There’s a magazine for that

Women want to be in touch with current affairs and, believe it or not, have views on everything from the conflict in Syria to the WHO’s warnings on the over-use of antibiotics. A Vanity Fair subscription helps women keep fingers on the global pulse.

Glossy covers featuring Hollywood’s latest and greatest, shot by the likes of Annie Leibowitz and Bruce Weber, belie the gravitas of this magazine, which features special investigations and cutting edge expos├ęs.

Want to be healthy . . . and slim? There's a magazine for that

Yes, women do want to know if their bottoms look big and if that holiday binge at the all-inclusive buffet has taken its toll. Shallow but true.

Women are united in their quest to look and feel their happy, healthy best and a subscription to The Lady magazin can help spark, renew or fuel a passion for health and fitness when it begins to wane. Inside you’ll find everything from healthy eating tips to new exercise trends and DIY routines, which fit around work and family commitments. The beautifully smooth and sculptured thighs the limit!

Want to get the inside scoop? There’s a magazine for that

Admit it or not, women do love gossip – particularly celebrity gossip. To be honest, once that daily catch-up around the photocopier, scouring of internet sites and poring over mags in the hairdresser still isn’t quite enough to cover issues as important as Kim Kardashian’s bottom and Mariah Carey’s latest outburst.

A Grazia magazine subscription can help to keep those general titillation levels up. Is Tara Reid looking skeletal? Is Jennifer Anniston having fertility treatment? Such burning questions are tackled, complete with paparazzi pictures – just so a lady can stay in the know.

Want to be well-rounded and self-aware? There's a magazines for that

Known as ‘the magazine for those who want to know more and grow more’, monthly glossy title Psychologies is the thinking woman’s read of choice.

A Psychologies subscription offers inspiration and advice to help the fairer sex understand who they are and what makes them tick. Inside you’ll find features on everything from relationships and the self, to travel, food and culture. With coverlines like ‘Do you feel like an imposter at work?’, ‘Your 1-hr antidote to procrastination’ and ‘Heal Your Inner Martyr’, you can’t fail to learn and develop as a human being.

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