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Monday, 30 June 2014

The best cookery magazines (2014)

food magazines
If you haven’t had your first barbecue of the season yet, then it can’t be long before you succumb to the smell of al fresco catering coming from the neighbours. But unless you’re a Uruguayan football striker with a penchant for raw Italian shoulder joints you might value a bit of help and guidance in perfecting your barbecue skills this year.

Whether it’s a romantic meal for two shared over hot coals or a World Cup party for a whole squad of family and friends, there are plenty of cookery magazines out there to aid your efforts. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Healthy Food Guide magazine
healthy food guide subscription

Who said that barbecues had to be stodgy and calorific? Healthy Food Guide is in its element at this time of year, finding nutritious yet low fat solutions for your outdoor eating. 

From kebabs to cous cous there is something to tickle the appetite of everyone here. Proving that cutting calories doesn’t need to mean sacrificing flavours, a summer with a Healthy Food Guide subscription proves that you can lighten the load around the waist and work on your tan at the same time.

olive subscription

Olive magazine

With features including hottest barbecue recipes and modern summer classics, there’s more than enough tasty dish ideas in Olive magazine to keep you going from June till October. Each month features not only great solutions for dinner parties of all sizes, but is sensitive to the size of your purse strings as well. Take out an Olive subscription and it will be the neighbours peering over the fence to see what you are cooking up – rather than the other way round.

Vegetarian Living magazine
Vegetarian Living subscription

It’s a myth that the barbecue is purely a place for meat products. Carnivores will always point to that crispy yet succulent flavour and the smoky aroma that makes mouths water, but if you are a cast-iron vegesaurus there are a multitude of barbecue solutions for you, too. 

Flick through the pages of Vegetarian Living magazine and you will find helpful articles on “Alfresco Feasts” and “The Taste of Summer” featuring everything from halloumi kebabs to homemade veggie burgers.


Food and Wine subscription Food and Wine magazine

Do you prefer to go a bit more gourmet when you cook? Like to use only the finest cuts? Prefer to make presentation a priority? Then a Food and Wine subscription is the one for you this summer. 

With guidance on infusing your fodder with the richest, deepest flavours and suggestions on getting your side salads zinging, this is the cheffy cook’s monthly bible. But beware, the mouth-watering photography in this beautiful publication will have you salivating like a German Shepherd Dog. 

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