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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Secret guide to packing

Summer’s almost here. People are going on holiday in pursuit of sea and sand. There’s just one problem: packing!

With baggage allowances shrinking faster than a pair of Speedos on a 90⁰ cycle, packing has never been harder. And with the threat of hefty surcharges at the check-in desk looming large on the horizon this summer, perhaps it’s time you tried a new luggage strategy.

Let us give you our top tips on effective packing this summer – wherever you’re jet-setting to.


Weekend city break or African safari, it’s important to look good and feel comfortable. A versatile summer dress that ticks all the boxes is essential. If you don’t have one, get one, and don’t be afraid to splash that bit extra if it means you’ll wear it more.

Make sure to colour co-ordinate. Not just one outfit, but all of them. Take a step back and decide on a holiday ‘palette’. This will save time, save space and focus your mind. Lovely as that leopard print number is, be ruthless, and you’ll reap the benefits.

At least one sarong is a must. Not only are they light and comfortable, but most importantly they are easy to slip in and out of on the beach. A practical way to get that Hollywood look.

Rolling your clothes is by now a well-known top tip that goes without saying. But if you don’t want to pay for the privilege of carrying half the beach home with you in your suitcase, a lint remover is a holiday gem. It will help keep your clothes clean between outings, rid your outfits of insects trying to take up residence in them and remove any dust from hotel room furniture. Whisper it quietly, but you can even use it to remove  flaking sunburned skin.


Most airports have a strict policy on liquids, so buy miniature packs of shampoo and shower gel, or pour contents into smaller bottles.

Think carefully when packing medicines. Keep in mind your destination. You’re more likely to need mosquito repellent in Mumbai than Brussels.

Ensuring tablets are fit for consumption is important, too. Check use-by dates well in advance and consult a pharmacist before leaving if you are unsure about taking any medication.

You’ll also want to consider the packaging on your medication. Opt for blister packs where possible as loose tablets have a tendency to take on moisture in the air and lose their effectiveness.


In years gone by we were all faced with a decision before we went on holiday – do we take a DVD player, a selection of books, a hand-held games console or even our laptop. Today, the tablet device and smartphone have made it possible to take the lot without breaking the baggage allowance.

If you’re travelling as a family tablets come in even more useful thanks to the abundance of quizzes, games and children’s audio books, e-books or digital magazines that can be downloaded.

Never be without your No.1 magazine to read

For every holiday there should be a one glossy mag to rule them all. A magazine you keep in your hand luggage while traversing the world, in your beach bag for days by the sea or just as a poolside read.

Why not make that first choice travelling companion the helpfully titled No.1 magazine. Full of handy tips, celeb gossip, fashion guides and household advice, it’s ideal for helping you unwind and be at one with the world.

Buy a 12 month No.1 subscription from Unique Magazines today and save 20% on the recommended retail price.

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