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Monday, 7 July 2014

5 Under-the-Radar Magazines

It's that time of year again when the big budget blockbusters hit the big scree, vying to take the money of eager schoolchildren and their parents.

But not all film lovers are cut from the same cloth. For some, the $200million special effects bonanza of a Michael Bay movie holds no interest. For others, there is an appeal in understanding the creative process than simply watching a movie for guns and gore with popcorn in hand.

Yes, film aficionados come in all shapes and sizes. And fortunately there's a magazine out there for every one of them. Turn your gaze to this selection of cinema publications and we are confident you will find a title more tempting than a ring forged in the fires of Mount Doom.

For the Future Director: Movie Maker Magazine 
Movie Maker subscription

For some film lovers the magic of moving images comes from the science of film-making. If you could talk the hind leg of an animated donkey about aperture, lighting and CGI, you should be getting your fix from a Movie Maker subscription

With sections that discuss the latest updates on cinematography, editing, writing, producing and more, this magazine could be viewed more as a bible for those who want to polish their skills on the art of movie making. 

So Film subscription

For the Movie Eccentric: So Film Magazine  

Love to indulge in the strange and shocking aspects of the film industry that would make others slightly uncomfortable? If your ears perked up at this description then the So Film magazine subscription is perfect for you! Celebrating the unconventional side of film culture, this magazine offers the latest features on the offbeat and unique stories that go on behind the scenes. 

These cheeky articles on behind-the-scene stories and interviews will be sure to bulk up your movie trivia arsenal and have your friends amazed at the oddities of movie culture.

For Big Screen Scholars: Cinema Journal Magazine  
Cinema Journal Subscription

If you love to see the words literature review, methodology and conclusion in your articles then boy do we have the perfect magazine for you. As the official magazine for the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, intellectuals will not be disappointed when they take out a Cinema Journal subscription

Bursting with theoretic and empirically-based pieces, this academic magazine covers the latest on film, culture, media studies and more. Take a break from marking those essays and stimulate your mind with the latest features in the next subscription.

For Sci-Fi Aficionados: Starburst Magazine 

If you want your magazine filled with features on space exploration, comic book superheroes, and building-sized creatures on the rampage, you won’t find a subscription as satisfying as Starburst magazine. As the world’s longest running sci-fi periodical, movie fans will have their fill of the latest information from the sci-fi, horror, and comic book world. 

Be sure to grab a Starburst subscription and read up on what the rest of the year has to offer while you wait in anticipation for upcoming releases such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers two!

For Straight-Shooters: Sight & Sound Magazine 
Sight and Sound Subscription

Without the world's cinematographers, camera crews, lighting teams and audio experts the movie-theatre would not be a particularly exciting place to go. Isn't it great then that there are thousands of people out there who dream of life behind the camera instead of in front of it. If this particular cap fits you, then look no further than a Sight and Sound subscription

Filled with in-depth reviews on the latest films from leading movie critics and film professionals, you will get the most important details on the happenings of the film industry this year. This no-nonsense magazine is the perfect read to keep you informed on flicks to watch and avoid this summer.

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