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Monday, 21 July 2014

Five of the Best Music Magazines

It's mid-summer and that means one thing: music festivals. Glastonbury is long gone, but while a million hippies disappear over the horizon, it’s important to remember, we’re only getting started. There’s nothing better than experiencing the great, ever-changeable British weather than with a cold beer and your favourite bands.

But how to keep tabs on gossip, secret gigs and line-ups? Once your tent’s set up, you’ll want a handy magazine to consult! Thankfully there are music magazines. Lots of them. Publications to suit all whims and tastes. 

So whether you’re an indie kid or a free-jazz boffin, there’s something for you. Here we help you find the best fit.

Rolling Stone magazine subscription

Rolling Stone magazine

RS has been around for yonks, and has produced some of the world’s most famous music journos (Lester Bangs, anyone?). It started out supporting and commenting on music trends, but somewhere on the way it became as much about American culture as rock and pop music. 

Nowadays you’re just as likely to find Tom Cruise on the front as Jack White. It’s the music equivalent of TIME magazine – once an artist makes the cover, you know they’ve made it! Get this for a fine mix of pop culture gossip, music news and in-depth interviews.

NME magazine
NME magazine subscription

America has Rolling Stone, we have NME. In the 70s it was a case of ‘what NME says, goes’, and the magazine single-handedly brought punk to the attention of the wider world. It’s doing the same thing today, supporting new artists and exposing them to the public. 

This used to be an indie magazine, but as time goes on, it’s covered hip-hop, electronica, metal – you name it! When you buy NME, you’re buying into British music history. You’re buying a magazine that dictates trends. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, buy New Musical Express.

vibe magazine subscription

Vibe magazine

This magazine is cutting edge and shines a light on the top producers and artists of today. Started by the legendary Quincy Jones (Jazz musician, Oscar winner and producer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller), Vibe is published every week and recently celebrated 20 years of production. 

While the focus is on contemporary music, this is no flash in the pan magazine; it’s risen to the top of the pile and the front of the shelves after two decades of expert journalism. Grab this if you prefer urban music over standard rock/pop fair

BBC Music magazine
BBC music magazine subscription

Orchestral music is often neglected, but more people love and listen to Beethoven or Debussy than ever before! BBC Music provides your standard reviews and interviews in a classical context, but it also gives away some classical CDs, so if you haven’t tried it before, here is your chance to have a listen and test the water. 

This publication is the world’s biggest selling music magazine of its kind, so they’re clearly doing something right! Buy a copy and see for yourself!

Total Guitar magazine subscription

Total Guitar magazine

There’s one thing listening to music, but how about making some of your own? Loads of people play guitar, so why not learn while also reading music gossip and fine reviews? 

Total Guitar is a well-established guitar tutorial released every month. Inside you’ll find dozens of tabs for songs old and new. You’ll also get a free CD that helps you through each lesson. Take this and an acoustic with you and you’ll have the whole field in sing-along mode!

For EVEN MORE music magazines, search the music magazine section of our website. These are just the beginning, and there really is something to occupy anyone and everyone.

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