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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Magazines that can save you money

We’ve heard it all before: it’s time to tighten your belts, it’s the age of austerity, a double-dip recession. No doubt you’ve heard these phrases a lot in recent times. They’ve almost become cliché in fact. It’s true, these are difficult times, and despite a few recent green shoots, the prudent course of action is still to remain cautious and calm with your cash.

With that in mind, knowing how, when and where to spend your hard earned wonga is important, which is why you could do with a fiscal bible to see you through the frugal times.

Whether you are a big-shot banker or a part-time working single mum, we’ve got the magazines for you.

Moneywise magazine

Moneywise is a magazine aimed at offering financial guidance to families. Each month the reader is equipped with practical, no-nonsense advice designed to help them save money. Trustworthy companies and the most reliable financial products are sought out, and listed so you don’t have to do the legwork.

This magazine also sifts through banks with a fine-toothed comb, demystifying interest rates and supplying all the information you need regarding ISA accounts. There is no fancy jargon here. Everything is designed to help the average person save money and make a little more while they’re at it. Simple.

What Investment magazine

What Investment has been knocking around for over twenty years, and has many of the same aims and features as Moneywise, but with a difference. This is less family-orientated and more technical. Still relatively simple for newbie to grasp, this magazine offers advice on everything from bank accounts and ISAs, to credit card fraud and sound investment opportunities.

Reading the magazine each month will help you grow your pension pot, and find new investment opportunities you would never have thought of before. Get this if you want to save money, and feel a little more confident with industry jargon.

FDE magazine

FDE magazine subscriptionWhile the two magazines above are intended for personal or household use, Finance Director Europe is aimed at the finance expert. Guidance is offered to men and women with a senior role in finance, looking to save their company money or make giant strides in the market. 

Technical jargon abounds, but it should be clear this is not for the newbie. Released two times per year, FDE is a great point of reference for professionals who need cutting edge industry insight. It has been an authority on financial matters since 1972 and this seems unlikely to change any time soon.

Fortune magazine

Fortune isn’t likely to save you money, but it will stir an interest in global, business affairs. 
fortune magazine subscription

The magazine has reached the same level of cultural significance as TIME or Rolling Stone. First published soon after the crash of 1928, the magazine rose to prominence due to the strength of writing, social insights and high-quality photography. 

These features persist today, and you’re likely to get all the news, trends and information you could possibly need in each release. 

Fortune is published fortnightly and as an extremely readable insight into markets, business, and general news it can’t be beaten.

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