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Monday, 21 July 2014

Put comics at the centre of your holiday plans

Jacqueline Wilson magazine subscription
The school holidays are here at last and, if you are a parent, you may well have that conflicted feeling going on inside. On the one hand, you are excited to be spending some quality time with your favourite little people; on the other, you have that gnawing doubt that no matter how many activities, play dates and days out you plan there’s always a chance that the kids will be left at a loose end. And every parent knows, that bored kids are scary kids!

Most of all, parents want to make sure that when the whole family take time off to holiday – home or abroad – that the time can be a fun and relaxing experience for everyone.

Now, call us biased, but we think that magazines are pretty great. For adults they can entertain and inform, advise and guide. But for children, they are even better! Easy to pack, full of the latest information and gossip, games and interactive goodies, toys and trivia, they provide kids with bitesize entertainment boosts just when you want them to be good.

Beano magazine subscriptionWhether it’s by the pool or in the back of the car on a long journey, magazines are fun and child friendly. Yes, an iPad is great and multi-functional device – but do you really want to take yours down to the beach to get trampled on, covered in sand, smeared with sun tan lotion and reflecting the sun's glare into your eyes so that you can't read what's on the screen?

If you want your kids developing their literacy skills and digesting information without even knowing it, there’s no better aid than a comic book. There's a huge range on offer at Unique Magazines, too – whatever the age group, be it boy or girl. 

Take the Beano, for example. This awesome comic has been thrilling children, young and old for decades. In fact, those who read this iconic publication during the twentieth century still subscribe now, with some readers who are now in their eighties. 

Fifi the Flowertots magazine subscription
So, take a tour of Unique's website today and explore titles such as Jacqueline Wilson, The Phoenix and Fifi the Flowertots. We can't promise a summer free of all tears and tantrums, but we can deliver a bit of literary enrichment direct to your door.

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