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Monday, 1 September 2014

Born to Ride?

Whether you’re a biking newbie or Evel Knievel, there’s a biking magazine out there for all. So, don your helmet, buckle up your leathers and step right this way. We have a host of motorcycle mags itching to be saved from the shelves and packed in your panniers.

Here you get everything you expect. Articles on bikes, new and old, some of the most trustworthy reviews on the market, and a bunch of event details so you don’t miss a thing on the motorcycle calendar. 

There is one difference that sets it apart though, and that is its emphasis on racing. Professional racers are profiled and interviewed with each issue, providing a real insight into the racing world. There is also info on race tracks and the best race bikes for speed-obsessives.

Released once every two months, Motorcycle Classics is a little different, as it celebrates the vintage motorcycles and nothing else. The focus is clear here: celebrating the unbeatable aesthetics of vintage models. 

The magazine features useful advice on which models are most suitable for your tastes, with reviews and glossy pictures aplenty. There is also guidance on how to look after and maintain your bike – preserving it in mint condition for longer.

This magazine appears on shelves every month and is one of the most popular and well-trusted mags on the UK market. To celebrate 30 years of The Classic Motorcycle it is undergoing a vintage-look redesign and a number of issues looking back at classic features. 

You really can’t get much more vintage than this magazine for style and content. Some articles and stories date all the way back to 1903!

Released monthly, this magazine has a very specific aim – catering to the mass of people who want to save money and self-respect and carry out maintenance work themselves, as opposed to spending money on garages. 

There is a growing market for the motorcycle fan who wishes to do it all, and really get to grips with the nitty-gritty of bike mechanics. This magazine allows them to do just that, though it does make for a more technical read.

This is an interesting publication aimed at those who live and breathe motorcycling: not just the bikes, but the lifestyle. If you fancy yourself a repressed Hell’s Angel or have tinkered with your motor until it screams bespoke, this is for you. 

Each edition includes interviews with fellow bike fans, maintenance tips and reviews for the motorcycle-obsessed.

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