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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Motivate children to read this Christmas!

Trying to encourage children to read has become a horrible task for both the parent and teacher during the past few decades. With the rise of computers, mobile phones, video games and social media, kids just don't want to lose themselves to their imagination anymore.

While browsing, you'll find many studies on the internet that'll say children who read, are better at reading.  But let's be on honest, it's a real struggle. Some find it boring, others say it's too hard, some actually see it as not important.

To help win the war of reading, our team at Unique Magazines have put together a few firm favourite for the stocking this Christmas.

StoryBox & DiscoveryBox

StoryBox is specially designed for children who are three to six years. It is a read aloud magazines that'll help introduce reading to your child. Since being launched a few years ago, Storybox has become very popular among parents with the magazine offering rhymes, stories, vibrant colours and great illustrations.

For more info click here.

is also a wonderful  if you are looking for magazine for the age group nine to twelve, The magazine is known as one of the best ways for kids to incorporate science, maths and fun into one single learning exercise. Not only does it prepare them for all the future challenges they might have to face in their later education, it also ensures that they understand that learning can be fun and not a task.

For more info click here.

The Beano

The Beano is a classic children’s weekly comic which began in 1938 and is still jumping with jokes, loaded with laughs and packed with pranks. The word Beano in English slang stands for a party or good time. Aimed at the 6 - 12 age bracket, young readers have been able to play an influential role in which cartoon characters get the most play in the comic. The publication asks readers which characters should return or get more action, and the publisher has listened over the years.

We're currently offering 13 issues for £3, for more info click here.

National Geographic Kids & National Geographic Traveller

Keep children of all ages enthralled and entertained with a National Geographic Kids subscription! Bursting with fascinating features, jaw-dropping images and a host of insightful articles, it is aimed at children aged between 8-12 years old but commonly reaches an audience much broader than that. Every month children can embark on new adventures as they turn the pages. From exploring amazing parts of the world, to getting up close with exotic wildlife and learning about different cultures.

We're currently offering 6 issues for £17.50! For more info click here.

As we travel and explore various destinations around the globe, we are able to unleash the beauty of nature and start caring for its sustainability and that is exactly what has been espoused by the National Geographic Traveller magazine. It has been inspiring people to care about the planet for many years. This is a great buy for anyone over fourteen and offers facts, myths, ancient history to cognisance of the serious history buffs.

We are currently offering 10 issues for £15! With this you'll receive a free National Geographic Traveller Flask worth £20. For more info click here.

Lego Friends & Lego Legends of Chima

Lego Friends Magazine is an exciting new title aimed at girls between the age of 7 and 11, although we are sure some boys will love this title to. Each issue will follow the Lego Friends from the popular brand which all kids are familiar with through Lego Toys and TV shows. As well as this you will find the regular mix of puzzles, stories and games and a free gift with each issue.

We're offering a 6 month subscription for only £26.99! For more info click here.

Lego Legends of Chima Magazine
is anticipated to be the next big thing for boys aged 7-11 and with each issue including a limited edition original Lego gift it is guaranteed to be the top of every young boys wish list. Every issue will be packed with Striking LEGO imagery and design, Comics, quizzes, stats and challenges and Characters who can only be bought with this magazine and not on their own.

We're currently offering a 3 month subscription for only £15.99! For more info click here.

Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is an English writer, popular for her work in children’s literature. The Jacqueline Wilson magazine is based on the award-winning author and her books. The magazine deals with topics brightly illustrated for children, especially for girls aged between 7 and 12. The magazine presents its content just the way young girls want it. Illustrations, pretty colours, contests, stories and various other articles make the magazine extremely popular among the kids.

Our offer at the minute is 4 issues for only £3! For more info click here.

Special Mention: Christmas Loom Bands Factory

The loom Bandz craze sweeping the world of every child and some adults to is compacted into this special Christmas Loom Bandz Factory Magazine which comes with a Loom and Bands including festive silver and gold colours and striped bands included.

Packed full of 40 fabulous ideas and Christmas projects. Fill your childs stocking with this extra special magazine this Christmas. Click here for more info.

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