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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Additions - Jan.13 2015

Here are the latest magazines that have been added to our website:

The New Asterisk

The New Asterisk is a new breed of magazine, a publication that blends thought provoking local content with global affairs that resonate locally and internationally. This magazine celebrates San Fransico (where this magazine hails from) and all other cities that inspire us all to be better human beings while we focus on the amazing leisure of a life lived to it's full potential.

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Commons & Sense Man

Commons and Sense Man magazine is Japanese in origin, bilingual English/Japanese men’s fashion publication, and is rather enormous in size! Printed in a large, A3 size format, and over an inch thick at the spine, if you are wanting as much fashion and style as you can get than this is the without doubt publication for you.

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