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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hidden Gem Fashion Magazines! (Part 1)

We offer over 250 fashion magazines for men and women. So I thought I would write a quick little something a few gems that I have found since working at Unique Magazines.

Glassbook magazine
Glassbook Magazine - Since starting four years ago, this magazine has grown to have a big following.

Showcasing stunning photography, fashion editorials, shoot and so much more! The editors of this magazine have turned this publication into a work of art that you can buy 4 times a year.

This really a hidden gem that can be found on newstands in London, Paris, Milan and all over.

Vogue Japan magazine
We have had so much interest in Vogue China recently, but how about the wonderful Vogue Japan?

With everything new coming out of Japan in technology, why do people forget about their amazing fashion sense.

Known as Vogue Nippon, this magazine contains everything from high fashion, beauty, trends and so much more.

Looking for a new style, this is worth a shout!

Another Man magazine

I had only came across this magazine when I noticed David Beckham on the cover. But Another Man is for those fashion fans who can't seem to find what they are looking for.

If you have that slight 'quirky' side to you, then this magazine won't disappoint with tons of high fashion, art and culture.

With the latest trends, this publications will give you that something slightly different.

Baku magazine
All the way from the little nation of Azerbaijan, Baku is a brand new fashion, art and culture magazine.

Offering a way to get the place on the map, especially the capital Baku, This magazine doesn't disappoint.

To learn more about this magazine, please check out our webstore!

Hello Fashion magazine
Most people think of Hello! Magazine as a way to keep updated with the latest Gossip. But have you ever heard of Hello! Fashion? Well.. to be honest.. I thought it wasn't real.

Every month this magazine brings you the latest tips, news, high street buys and so much more!

The best thing about it is.. this magazine costs £1!

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