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Friday, 20 March 2015

Our picks for Day 2 of the Education Show!

Did you have a wonderful time at the Education Show yesterday?

We had some great speakers so far such as the Horrid Henry Bestseller Francesca Simon, Jenny Smith, Oliver Quinlan with so many more yet to come.

If you are looking for some talks to goto today, here are some of our personal picks for today:


10:00 -10:30: Running a school a limited budget: how to generate extra income.

This talk will walk you through on how Benedick Ashmore - Short, the winner of the Pearson 'Primary Headteacher of the Year' has worked through the transformation at his school, Hamford Primary Academy. If you feel that your fund are struggling, this seminar will offer great insight into helping towards increasing your revenue. 

12:40 - 13:10: Pupil Premium: Narrowing the gap in the classroom

This is a talk from the Executive Head Teacher at the Mercia Primary Academy Trust. Richard Lane will discuss methods on how to close the gap.


13:45 - 14:15: How do I.. get first aid into my classroom

This session will be taken by St John Ambulance who'll demonstrate several ways to incorporate first aid into your class room. They'll be offering free resources and demonstrations from their experienced school trainers. I've always been a huge supporter of getting first aid on the National Curriculum, so thoroughly back this talk.


11:15 - 11:45: Which books and why

You would think books are the natural enemy to someone who sells magazines, but we all want children to read more in this digital age. This session is taken by both Glen Franklin and Dr Sue Bodman who will explore the the teaching practices and skills to help develop reading.

14:15 - 14:45:Assessment and progression in reading

This session is taken by Ruth Sale an Independent Literacy Consultant who'll discuss the issues surrounding reading assessment and progression. She'll also investigate into a solution that could possibly help.


12:15 - 12:45: How to give children the best start when it comes to learning to write?

We all know that trying to get children to perfect their handwriting is a long and complex task. But this seminar will explore ways to aid your child develop their writing skills. 

13:45 - 14:15: Teaching Reading in KS3

Have you heard about the alarming amount of children in Year 7 whose reading level are low? Kate Ruttle will give both Key Stage 3 teachers and assistants a good understanding in different ways of teaching, insights, progression in phonics and a overview into age-appropriate resources.

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